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By: Susanne Meyer
A candida diet enables the process of cleansing candida albicans cells from the body. It ensures that there is nothing going in to the body that the candida will feed on so that it can multiply further.

I suffered from candida for years until I really became determined to sort it out. I was completely fed up with all the symptoms of the candida popping out of every orifice that it could at every occasion. I spent a few weeks on a candida diet and then felt so much better for it.

Here are the foods that you should not be eating if you are seeking closure on your candida troubles.

1. Refined Sugar
Oh how yeast loves sugar. The trouble is, humans most often love sugar too and it's hard to give up all those good tasting cakes, ice cream and sweets. However, sugars have to go from the diet in order for candida flora to die a death.

2. Refined Wheat Flour
Another big no no on a candida diet. Not only are the carbs (that make sugar)a favourite of the candida, but it's usually used with yeast in bread, and that really causes trouble.

3. Soft Drinks
These are usually full of all kinds of bad things including sugar, artificial sweetners and flavours. They can often be at the root of candida problems

4. Fruit Juice
I had the biggest trouble trying to give up fruit juices. Not only do they taste good but they are the best for quenching the thirst in my opinion. There's just way too much sugar in fruit juice for it to be acceptable on a candida diet though.

5. Refined White Rice
I'm sure you've felt that sensation of utter hunger even though you ate rice just an hour or so ago. This is because white rice is made up of mostly carbs. It doesn't even have the fibre and nutrition that wild rice offers. So throw it out before you get tempted.

6. Cow's Milk
I'm sorry if I'm delivering bad news on your candida diet. However, there's a lot of sugar lactose in it, in addition to plenty of hormones. It will feed your candida albicans as though there is no tomorrow.

I feel like a complete party pooper now! Sorry but no alcohol. It will not only feed the yeast but it will put your liver under stress. It's already going to be busy dealing with the toxins that will be created by the Candida die off process.

8. Honey
Even Manuka honey is off the cards. It's very sugary and the candida will be having a party if you start swallowing it.

9. Processed Foods
Oh dear, here we go again - another favourite. Ready meals, dried mixtures, soups, crackers, biscuits - it's all got to go.

10. Cakes and Sweets
Made up with sugar and white flour, cakes are definitely on the avoid list. Sweets will have plenty of sugar in them.

Undertaking a candida diet isn't always a whole lot of fun. However, once you've been through it so many ailments and symptoms will disappear. It is well worth it and you'll be pleased that you did it.


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