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By: Lisa Jane Foreman
If you're a new owner of Ford's standard truck, the F150, you probably don't know much about the various accessories that are created to improve its functionality, safety as well as aesthetic appeal. If your truck is the model for this year, listed here are 2012 Ford F150 accessories, urban motoring shops list as the most popular.

Tonneau covers' price is rather steep but they are musts for a lot of F150 owners, for these accessories protect the exposed bed (box) at the back of the truck from factors like rainwater and snow. Also, it's a great item to have to completely cover as well as protect products being transported on a terrible weather day. These covers are built from ABS plastic, have precision fit and are also very tough. They are also compact and easy to take off.

For something less expensive and perfect for new owners who are still not used to driving a huge pickup truck, Bumper Mounted Warning Devices by Echomaster-Reverse is a highly useful tool. When the truck is in reverse, the ultra-sonic sensors scan the area behind the truck; it has about 7 feet of coverage behind the truck. This lessens incidents when it's hard to gauge the length of space available especially when parking.

Mud flaps are also quite in demand because most owners of the F150 have a very active lifestyle and take on challenging terrains through any type of weather. Mudflaps are useful in reducing dense mud from building up underneath the truck. There are numerous types at varying rates and they may be used over the tires or on the back bumper.

Racks and carriers are also well-known in spite of the size of the truck bed. Many believe that it provides better protection for certain cargo like surfboards, bicycles and other irregularly-shaped items that will just otherwise slip freely in the truck bed.

Bug shields are for, obviously, deflecting bugs. Though many claim they are not particularly useful for that objective since a lot of bugs are very small, but for larger bugs like bees, these bug shields work magnificently. These accessories actually work extremely well, however, as rock guards for the windshield and hood.

Consoles and organizers are very functional and economical. They work very well in keeping tiny things organized and in place.

There are actually still so many other add-ons for the 2012 Ford F150 and they all enhance the performance and defense of the truck. Just think of the ones that you actually need to ensure a hassle-free, enjoyable driving/riding experience at all times.


Adding some items in your Ford F150 can make your driving experiene better and safer. With this you are sure that some elements that may distract you are eliminated. Go to in case you have decided to get your very own accessories for your truck.
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