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By: Graham Brightwell
Hydro-mulching, also referred to as Hydro-seeding, is described as a quick and economical process in enhancing your lawn. The system is more expensive than traditional methods which employ dry seeding combined with the usual untidy straw material. Nonetheless, you can look forward to a beautiful grass and garden in just a few weeks. The mulch top has a pleasant verdant look.

The principal benefit of hydro-mulching is the fast development of seeds due to the preservation of humidity courtesy of wood fibers. Besides, spraying makes sure that seedlings are evenly scattered. These strands envelop the seed close to the soil so it is shielded from the blistering heat of the sun. It is also protected from the birds and water that can wash away the seeds. The hydro-much has the capacity to store 10 times its heaviness in water. This condition facilitates an almost perfect environment to grow seeds. The average germination takes seven days to two weeks. With hydro-seeding, it can be reduced to only four days given the appropriate temperatures and dampness. The mulch can be recycled as fertilizer for plants.

The cost of hydro-mulching is relatively lower than planting with grass. Sod is more costly even if you lay it out yourself. It becomes more expensive if you hire workers for a bigger area. Hydro-seeding costs at least 70 percent less than sod. At the same time, the wood fiber provides an effective dust control mechanism. Reduction of dust is more effective than using just water since the polymer substance combines with the interconnecting fibers and topmost soil layer that can easily withstand the wind.

The polymer blended with mulch and seedlings do not only make the top soil durable. It also produces a greenhouse effect that promotes the growth of plants for a maximum of one year. The mulch coating and polymer substance protects the soil from unexpected water flow and gusty winds. It also helps foliage to germinate and be cultivated. Hydro-mulched lawns are healthier and ensure superior coverage compared to other techniques. This is the result of seeds planted in the soil where you like the grass to develop with well-entrenched roots. This particular process does not call for the transplanting of grass like how it is done using sod. The end result is that the hydro-mulched lawn does not dry out easily. The mulch also gives more nutrients to the soil so the plants are assured of wholesome growth.


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