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By: Gavin Gillibrand
So the new year is off to a great start.

We just finished 3 days at London Collections : Men, 2013 where we were the resident fitness gurus on site looking after the male models health and well being. .Next week we have 12 people starting our 6 week body transformation competition. 12 people looking to really make a difference to their health and fitness. 12 people that have taken action and said enough is enough, it's time to get some results.

Most of the desired results are centred around fat loss and this brings me to today's newsletter.

Ahead of next week, the competitors will be emailed the diet plans and what is expected of them in the prevailing 6 weeks. The diet will consist of the usual fair. Low carbs, high protein and fairly high levels of good fats.

But here is the KEY. Are you ready? You have to follow the plan!

This is of course, applicable for EVERYONE reading this, not just our competitors. Sounds easy but you would be amazed at the amount of people that just can't stick to a healthy eating plan. When we say no bread, potatoes, rice, cereal, chocolate and any other rubbish you can think of, we actually mean it. A protein breakfast is just that. Protein.To lose body fat, you have to really want to. You cannot just dip your toes in the water, you need full submersion.

You have to work hard in the gym but 10 times harder on your diet. Very true.Here are 10 things you must adhere to if you want to shift that stubborn body fat this year.

1) Prepare your meals the night before. Do not be at the mercy of the shops opposite your work place. If you forget to cook the night before, M&S is your friend here.

2) Eat a protein breakfast.

3) Eat 4-6 small meals per day.

4) Every meal needs to consist of a good source of protein. If it used to run, swim or fly then eat it.

5) Eat 2-3 servings of greens per day. Broccoli, Kale, spinach and green beans.

6) Limit your fruit intake to 1 portion of berries per day. Blueberries do the job here but any berry is fine.

7) Snack on nuts. No more than 15-20 per day. Do not bring the bag with you to work. Count 20 out and bring in a container. Pain in the arse right? Yes, but who said getting results was easy. This is what is needed.

8) Fish oils. 2-3 table spoons per day. Every day. Fish oil is one of the best fat loss tools on the planet. Watch out for a newsletter soon telling you exactly why. Trust me on this. 2-3 table spoons per day and no, you can't overdose on fish oil but you CAN eat too many carbs and they WILL make you fat :)

9) Drink 3 litres of mineral water per day. This will flush out any toxins that are released in the process of fat burning.

10) Try to sleep 8 hrs every night. We release growth hormone at night and GH is one of the most powerful hormones in our body. Use it and sleep as much as you can.

Ania, a lovely young lady and a client of mine came to our bootcamp back in August. She did bootcamp once per week and her own thing the rest of the week. She then decided to swap bootcamp for 1 x 30 min PT session with me in October. She has lost 13 kg in 4 months of training with me. How did she do it? She followed THE PLAN religiously and the weight just dropped off. She just got back from Poland for Christmas and she told me her whole family are totally amazed at what she has achieved in such a short amount of time.What have you been doing? What is the secret to this amazing fat loss? These were a few of the questions that her family asked her. The answer is very simple. Following the PLAN. Ania is getting married in June and is aiming to drop a tiny bit more weight before then.Ania is fantastic example of someone that really got it. Someone that trusted the information and advice that Tom and I speak about every week.

Someone that followed the PLAN and has really changed her life.

Good luck to all 12 taking part from next week and good luck to everyone else in their quest for the killer beach body this year, or whatever your goals are.



Gavin Gillibrand BSc. Fat loss and Body Transformation Expert in the City of London, UK

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