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By: siyankann
The health of a person depends on a healthy body as well as a mind that is strong enough. The mental health of a person must be provided with utmost importance to maintain a proper balance of activities. Once the mental health gets spoiled the person becomes improper and starts viewing life from a different prospect. The mind needs proper relaxation and counseling if at any stage you feel that you are stressed out. If you feel that either you or any of your loved ones are suffering from anxiety you can approach the Siyan clinic in Santa Rosa for getting rid of all troubles.

Anxiety should be treated at an early stage. When a person starts to exhibit the symptoms immediate and quick action must be taken to treat the situation. If anxiety is not treated at the correct time the person might end up suffering from severe mental problems which in turn affects the physical health as well as the daily routines of the person. Once treated through proper medication and counseling the person can free the mind of all stresses and strains and be as cheerful as ever. People have a wrong notion that they might be taunted by the society as crazy if they go for a treatment.

This should not be encouraged as the mental health worsens if left untreated. A medical imbalance can prevent a person from carrying out his/her daily activities and also prevents the person from leading a normal life. Some of the services that can be availed from Siyan in relation to maintaining a perfect mental health include-

Mood disorders

Cognitive disorders

Anxiety disorders

Dual Diagnosis


Complicated kind of psychiatric issues

Elderly people suffering from cognitive disorders and much more

Mood disorders-

Some of the common problems that are seen in people who exhibit mood disorders include-

Bipolar disorders

Disorders resulted from medical conditions


Chronic depressions

Anxiety disorders-

Stress, nervousness, worry are some of the common factors that trigger anxiety. The following kinds of symptoms are usually seen and they are-

Dissociative disorder

Panic disorders


Social anxiety disorders

Post traumatic stress disorder

Generalized anxiety disorders

Elderly people with cognitive troubles-

Usually elderly people happen to lose their memory as they age. Alzheimer’s and dementia are among the most common problems seen in elderly people. Elderly people tend to forget many things including how to perform their daily routines and they are in need of assistance or help for moving forward their lives.

Behavioral disorders

Behavioral disorder is yet another kind of disorder that is seen in people of all ages. This might arise due to a feeling of inferiority complex, to gain attention they start abusing or harassing and even damaging things and people to attain self satisfaction.

All these kind of disorders can be cured at the Siyan clinic for mental health in Santa Rosa.

I have been a licensed and practicing Psychiatrist in California since 2004. I have particular interest, and extensive experience, in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Santa rosa, stress disorders, anxiety, and a specialty in psychiatrists santa rosa.I offer substance addiction treatment, addiction psychiatry services.To know more about mental health santa rosa feel free to visit our website
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