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By: stainparker
These days Halal food items are gaining wide popularity across the globe. You can see Halal restaurants almost everywhere. According to the Islam there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed while cooking. Whenever an animal is slaughtered for food the person who carries it out must get it done in the name of Allah. Certain animals like pig are not supposed to be eaten and alcoholic products must not be used in the cooking process. The food that is cooked satisfying these conditions is Halal food. In Paris you can find a large number of restaurants offering Halal food.

Here is a list of the hotels offering Halal cuisine in Paris-
1.Zarda Food- It is a halal food restaurant that is located in Massy. It has received certification for the halal sandwiches that it offers. The restaurant offers a warm and friendly atmosphere to its customers. If you are planning for enjoying Halal food with your friends and family then you are at the right place. At Zarda Food you can treat yourself and your family with a wide variety of different types of sandwiches that you can find here. Apart from sandwiches you can enjoy halal pizzas, halal drinks, and halal deserts. To add fun to your feast Zarda Food has put up Tunisian specials which you can avail on specific days of the week. Check it out and find it for yourself.

2. Delight Bondoufle-If you are on the lookout for a wide variety of pizzas and sandwiches under Halal cuisines then this is the place for you. Once you enter the place you will find that the restaurant has all the different varieties of pizzas and sandwiches that would suffice your quench for Halal food. You can find a variety of Pizzas combined with fish, meat and vegetables. Just choose the combination that you prefer. You can also find Italian pasta, paninis, the tex mex and a variety of salads.

3.Salsa Chicken- Salsa Chicken is popular for the wide variety of Halal foodstuffs that it offers. It is located in Creteil. You can treat yourself in the bright and warm atmosphere of the restaurant. The specialties offered at Salsa Chicken includes Halal Sandwiches, burger, Panini halal cheeseburger, Kebab and chicken chika. Just drop in with your friends and family and enjoy the varying specialties of Salsa Chicken.
4.Burger Planet- It is a last generation Halal Sandwich restaurant. The restaurant is located in Savigny Le Temple. The settings and décor of the restaurant is modern and you can find that the atmosphere is extremely friendly. Just visit the restaurant and enjoy the wonderful tastes of turkey, chicken, and curry that accompanies your special Halal Sandwich.

5.Makane- Again a wonderful restaurant offering a wide range of Halal sandwiches. The restaurant is located in Athis Mons. You can taste the specialty of the Makane by combining Halal grilled meat and chicken with your Halal Sandwich. The delicacies are usually presented by combining Halal sandwich, chicken skewers and meat grills.
6.Andiamo Sandwich- As the name suggests it offers a wide variety of Halal Sandwiches. It is located in the Combs la Ville. The restaurant offers a calm and friendly atmosphere to its guests. They offer pizzas, sandwiches combined with Chicken Chika, cheese and hummer. Apart from all these delicacies you can find a wide variety of crepes, sweets and savories.

All these are among the top restaurants offering halal foods in Paris. Treat yourself and your loved ones with the splendid mouth watering halal delicacies.

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