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By: Gordon Robinson
As well as been an anti-social habit, smoking is also an addiction. Many thousands of people try and give up smoking each year and many people fail. Here are ten top tips to try in your bid to end the habit.

1. Throw out anything that reminds you of smoking, such as lighters, ashtrays or your favourite 'smelly' smoking jacket.

2. Tell your family and friends that you're quitting and seek their help and support.

3. Make a list of all the people you know that are trying to quit as well and get them to join you in a crusade to kick the habit. Support in numbers really does motivate.

4. Make sure you put up reminders around your house and place of work to encourage you not to smoke. Also let yourself have a reward if you succeed.

5. Plan how you will react to withdrawal symptoms and have an escape strategy already planned.

6. Prepare a "rescue kit" with sugar free sweets; handheld games etc. to distract you from cravings. Maybe even consider joining a gym to take your mind of smoking.

7. When you feel the urge to light up, have a sugar-free mint or drink water and let the craving pass. Possibly use patches and explore the option of ecigarettes.

8. Take up a new sport or and join that gym to keep your mind off smoking. Do not let yourself get bored and fall into the trap of 'finding a smoke because you are bored.'

9. Fail Forward. Even if you fail, start the quitting process again. It takes more than one try to succeed.

10. Watch videos on YouTube on how bad smoking is for you and calculate how much money you waist each year on a habit you really don't even like.

Whatever your reason for wanting to give up smoking there are many options available to you to try and quiet. Over the past few years there has been the introduction of smokeless cigarettes or ecigarettes and while it's not been 100% proven there are signs that the ecigarette is a much healthier alternative to smoking. It has also been demonstrated that the ecigarette has helped thousands of people quit the smoking habit.

If you really want to quit smoking you will find a way - the biggest obstacle you will need to overcome is yourself and as soon as you want it bad enough - you will make it happen.


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