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By: Rhys Nawodycz
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
7 Pillars To Writing Successful Articles
© 2003 Rhys Nawodycz
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Are you writing articles?

"Here we go again" you mind says. You've heard it a hundred
times before. Let me give you some incentive...

eMarketer Inc research reveals that not only are more sites
charging for content — more consumers are paying for it.

The Internet, or Information Super-Highway, known for its
limitless amounts of free content is evolving.

In the wake of the bubble-burst and the downturn in
online advertising, what was once free for consumers now
comes with a pretty price tag.

- - - - - - - - - - -
INTELLIGENCE Sources Report Online Content
Buyers Will Spend $222.1 Million by 2006
- - - - - - - - - - -

Source: International Data Corporation

So can you see where I'm heading?

The demand for quality content is on the rise, and this
gives you the perfect opportunity to gain a lot of exposure
without paying a dime in advertisement.

Today I'm going to show you the 7 Pillars to writing
successful articles to promote your website or ezine.

So I'm sure you know, it's no easy task. Simply throwing a
bunch of words together isn't going to get you very far.

So here's a blueprint for writing successful articles.
Follow these 7 pillars and you're guaranteed to get more
exposure with your articles.

- - -
Pillar #1: Use a HOT Topic
- - -

This one takes a little effort. I Know! I Know! It's crazy,
who would of thought you'd have to put in any effort but
I'm sorry, I haven’t yet found a way around it.

You'll need to do a little research. If you're already in
the know with your target market, then it should be no
sweat. Research, Spy, Observe, Listen. Understand your
market. What is always being talked about? What issues are
hot? What do people want to learn?

Even visit a couple article directories and content sites,
and check out the popular topics. Here's a couple to visit:

To see a list of the top 15 article directories, visit: op15.htm

- - -
Pillar #2: Create a "Spell-Binding" Title
- - -

Spell-Binding title? That's right.

Your article title is your headline. It's plain and simple.
If your reading a magazine, you always read the heading and
if it sparks your interest, you read on.

Just think ... what if I called this article:

"Writing Articles" "Tips For Article Writing" "This is how
To Write An Article"

These don't pack much "punch", do they?

If your article title is crowded on a webpage with 120
others, what will make the reader choose yours?

You need to JUMP OUT at them!

- - -
Pillar #3: Strike a Light with your First Paragraph
- - -

Once you've enticed your reader to read your article (via a
great title), you need to keep them reading.

The first paragraph of your article is critical. If it's
lifeless breath of uninteresting words readers usually just
bail out.

Use short paragraphs, powerful words and keep an upbeat
tempo with a simple outline to follow.

Tip: Start With the Latest News, it always works :-)

- - -
Pillar #4: The Sub-Headings
- - -

As I was just saying, using short paragraphs and sentences
keep an upbeat tempo, and using Subheadings allow a clear
outline for readers to follow to keep up the interest.

Sub-headings better organise our thoughts. They make things

- - -
Pillar #5: Your Time to Shine with a Resource Box
- - -

The reader has just read your great article, and now what?
Are you going to just leave them hanging?

Hell No, a resource box will appear at the end of your
article for the reader to see.

It's the next step if they like what you've shown them.

Make your resource box compelling. Make the reader jump over
to your website, join your ezine, claim their free gift --
Unleash Your Creativity!

- - -
Pillar #6: Poofread ;-)
- - -

Typos and bad grammar are not a good look. Just like my
subheading above.

If you're not that crash hot at English, hire someone. It
can save damaging your reputation.

- - -
Pillar #7: Promote, promote and umm.... promote
- - -

Let's look at reality. Without Pillar #7, 1-6 are a waste of
time. Other wise no one reads your article.

You've got to promote it!

How can you promote your article?

There are hundreds of article directories, fr^e content
sites and article announcement lists out there. And the
best part is ... 96% of them are FR^E!

The Top 15 article and ezine directories can be found at: op15.htm

Develop a list of ezines in your target market. Then e-mail
each ezine publisher a copy of your latest article.

Wouldn't you like to get your next article picked up by an
ezine with 53,000 subscribers?

Now get into it, and get writing!

© 2003 Rhys Nawodycz


About the Author: Rhys Nawodycz, a silent marketer that
incorporates Unheard of Marketing concepts and tactics
with Proven and Practised "e-telligence" as he calls it.

Unleash his latest eCourse Fr^e, when you expand your
Marketing Creativity in his FR^E Bi-weekly newsletter:
Visit: or send a blank message to


About the Author

Rhys Nawodycz is an established competitive intelligence professional and direct marketer who specializes in developing new marketing concepts and tools to help internet marketers.

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