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By: Davidi Payne
Securing your data is as important as giving safety to your property. If you look into the matter with a technical frame of mind, your data is probably the most precious asset. Your data contain information about everything, your business, your clients, your health and you just name it, you will find it in your data. But, due to saving it digitally it is not secure enough and data thieves and internet crooks are always looking to get your data and use for their own good. This data theft should be avoided; here are some guidelines that can help you avoid such breaches.
The first step towards the security of your information is to keep a respectable antivirus application on your computer. It is not necessary that only hackers will attack your database to get your records. Sometimes hackers invest such intelligent viruses that give them a safe passage to your data once they enter your computer. There are some viruses which will not give access to these e-crooks, but, the virus just damage your data and make distorted. The cyber criminals engineer these viruses just to harm the computer users with no intention of stealing your figures.
To maintain the online data security, one of the core principles to achieve it is to keep the personal and official login IDs and passwords different. Keeping the same login to access more than a single account may compromise security. Hack attacks are one of the most common sources of losing data and data breaches through them are surely the costliest ones. Keeping your data secure from online threats give you a peace of mind and reduces chances of getting data breached.
Whenever a layman thinks about security, the first think that pop ups in his mind is likely to be a password. Password is like the backbone of reliable data security. The cyber criminals possess some serious expertise in guessing the correct password, they can also use the latest software designed to guess the correct password. That is why; experts have put forward some guidelines to set up a strong password.
First of all, the password should be strong, and to set up a strong password it should not be a common word that can be guessed easily, a proper word is also not a good idea for setting up a password as the software these crooks use can dig it out. A strong password should be a combination of lower and upper case words with numbers and symbols also a part of it.
According to the experts of Microsoft, the password should not be blend of words that are located close to each other on the keyboard. These passwords are not easy to be guessed. A password should be changed in the span of 90 days; otherwise, it may have a fair chance of exposing the password to the cyber crooks.
The company should not give complete access to all the employees to the sensitive data of the company. Internal employees are involved in a number of data breach cases all around the globe. If you have to give your employees access to the data, you may use software that can provide"> Copy Protection to your data. Employees steal data by just copying the desired information to their drives and take it away.
The above were some tips that can really make your data secure with ease. These guidelines do not require any kind of expertise in computer to apply them practically.

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