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By: Scott Louis
It is not much longer when an attorney of the United States of America exposed a group of professional hackers which was based on five members. The four members of the group were Russian national and the fifth was a Ukrainian national. The attorney Paul Fisherman claimed that it is the biggest hacking and data breach scheme in the history of the United States of America. The group was performing its criminal activities 2005, they hacked and stolen data for about seven years until they were caught. The group of these cyber criminals stole the information of about 160 million credit cards and debit cards that result in a loss of hundreds of millions of Dollars.

This cyber criminal gang majorly aimed the large scale firms. These five devilish geniuses targeted the big fishes of the company and mostly were multinational organizations. Their victims included the NASDAQ (the electronic stock exchange), 7 eleven inc.; JCPenney Co.; the New England Supermarket chain Hannaford Brothers Co.; JetBlue, Heartland Payment System (which is one of the largest credit and debit processing companies) and there were strong organizations such as Dexia Bank Belgium. You can imagine how capable would be these criminals that they breached some strong security barriers and stole data.

The criminals were accused that they communicated with each other via instant messages. An example of such was seen when they break into the database of NASDAQ and one member of the group sent an instant message to another that “NASDAQ is owned”. A member used to constantly check the Google News to whether their cyber crimes had been revealed or not. The suspected group was so organized that they had their tasks distributed, they all used to perform a specific task in which they had become masters.

The group members named Drinkman and Kalinin were professional hackers who used to penetrate the computer network and helped their mates to break in. Kitov, the other member was an expert in harvest data from the database and the fourth member Rytikov used to provide web hosting facilities to hack the computer. Similianets, the fifth member of the gang was given the task of selling the stolen data and get a handsome amount against it.

The ones who purchased the stolen credit card and debit card numbers resold this data online on different forums or directly to the known people that give cash against it. The rates of credit card numbers vary from country to country. A credit card number that belonged to the United States values about $10, Canadian credit card number worth $15 and European credit card number are sold for about $50. Then this data can be circulated to any part of the world easily.

The multinational companies usually have some security measures to make the data secure, on the other hand, your data is probably completely unsecured. Your data is also precious; you can also become a fraud victim if you take effective measures for data security. Using security software that can">Lock Folders can make your data secure.

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