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By: Davidi Payne
You have only seen 260 days of the current year of 2013, yet we have seen a huge number of data breach incidents. The Internal Revenue Service has leaked more than a hundred thousand social security number, Japanese government has exposed confidential emails to the public by mistake through Google groups, and other similar cases have been reported. These are the breaches that seem to be the outcome of human errors. According to the latest research conducted Ponemon Institute, almost 66 data breach incidents are a result of human error out of every 100 breaches.
The Identity Theft Resource Centre (ITRC) has reported nearly 212 cases of identity thefts that have resulted in the compromise of more or less 4.5 million personal records. So, if you evaluate, a case of a data breach incident is reported almost every single day of the current year. The 4.5 million records that have been exposed must have included the personal information of the people such as; cell number, address, email IDs and etc. There must have been a number of financial records that had credit card numbers, debit card number, account and ATM card numbers that have been breached.
Human error is responsible for a large of number of data breaches. A common kind of data leakage through human error is by leaking the data through email. There have been cases reported where an extremely important email has been sent to wrong email addresses. According to a study, almost 30 percent of the employees have sent a confidential email to a wrong email ID and about 13 percent of the employees have received some sensitive information through an email message from an alien email address. But, the sad thing is that not many employees are punished by their employers, so, the employees still are irresponsible regarding this email security.
Another big source of leaking data is the USB flash drive. USB flash drive is probably the best portable data storing device by far among the other portable data storing devices. USB flash drives are small in size and have the extraordinary capability to save data. However, this portable is not the safest of data storing devices. USB flash drives can be as small as a human thumb, that is why, taking care of this drive is a great deal of concern. Their tiny physique makes them prone to getting lost and stolen. A huge of amount data is leaked through these lost or stolen USB flash drives.
The USB flash drives that are lost or stolen usually are unsecured or unprotected. That is why using data security software that can"> Secure USB drives can be a handy solution. The built in security measures of USB flash drives are not worthy enough to make information secure. As the cases of frauds and scams are increasing, it is very necessary to give your data complete protection. Information breach can be extremely costly, it may harm you financially, it may harm your reputation and it may become a cause of fine or penalty imposed by the legislative bodies. That is why, securing the data must the top most priority.

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