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By: Laurence Winmill
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"10 Immutable Laws Of Successful Selling"

- by Laurence Winmill

(c) Laurence Winmill. All Rights Reserved.


How would you describe yourself as a Salesperson? Talkative,
Caring, Outgoing, Confident? Perhaps you regard yourself as
a Trained Professional, or a Self Taught Enthusiast or
perhaps you simply believe you were born with a Natural
Gift. Whatever you believe there are certain characteristics
and disciplines that you must display with consistency if
you are to become truly Successful as a Professional
Salesperson. Here are ten laws...

1. Customer Focused - People do business with people they
like and trust. In order to gain respect and trust you have
to build rapport with your customers. You must listen to
their "Wants" and then give them what they "Need" and then
under promise and over deliver, exceeding expectations at
every given opportunity.

2. Attitude - It's Attitude that makes the absolute
difference. It is your number one differentiator, the
quality that separates you from the rest. Attitude is the
small word that makes the big difference and sets apart the
Winners from the Losers.

3. Communication Skills - Train yourself to become a Great
Listener. It's the exceptional listener that identifies
Customer's Needs and Wants and then talks passionately about
his or hers products and services in relation to those

4. Empathy & Drive - You must have both these qualities if
you are serious about Selling. You have to be able to put
yourself in the Customers situation and understand how you
would be thinking and feeling if you were them. But this
alone is not enough; you must also have an in built desire
to succeed at every opportunity. You are passionate about
Selling and your desire for success pushes you above and
beyond ordinary results. You simply want to be recognised as
"One of the Best at what you do".

5. First Impressions - You get one opportunity to make a
good impression. The first 10 seconds are critical. Voice,
Appearance, Presentation, Body Language and Words all
crammed into a 10 second introduction. Make sure yours makes
a lasting impression.

6. Two Way Communication - The key to two way communication
is the ability to ask the right type of questions, which
build rapport whilst encouraging the Customer to talk about
their "Wants" and more importantly their "Needs". You
skilfully steer the conversation, probing the answers until
you are certain that a " Need" has been identified.

7. Organisational Skills - Good Sales Professionals have to
be organised. They know the importance of Business Planning,
Territory Management, Customer Prospecting and Profiling.
They also understand that organisation is the key to
building a better business, because they always find time to
exceed their Customers Expectation Levels.

8. Objective Learning - Focus on learning how to get better
at what you do. Read books, watch videos, network and use
your brain's full potential. Push yourself to new limits.
Attend training sessions, join professional selling
organisations and seek qualifications in subjects relevant
to what you do. Become recognised as a Sales Professional
and fulfil your true potential.

9. Work Life Balance - Find time for family and friends.
Have an interest outside of work and spend quality time with
those closest to you. Never lose sight of your roots, show
real interest in those around you and apply the same desire
for success in this area as you do in your professional

10. Goals - Set yourself targets - Set them daily, weekly,
monthly, annually, for life and review regularly. "A person
going nowhere always get there", so avoid being this person
by mapping out some realistic targets and goals. The key
word is realistic because when you get use to achieving
targets and goals, you'll effectively create a habit that
will be difficult to break - and more importantly it's a
habit you will not want to break!

So there you have it, ten simple but highly effective
disciplines for "Better Results In Any Selling Environment".
Good luck and make your start today!

Who else wants to boost their personal
influence? Laurence Winmill makes
selling and influence easier - quicker.
Buy his books at

About the Author

Laurence is a motivational speaker, trainer and author. He specialises in Customer service, sales and marketing. During his career he has sold a diverse selection of products & services with significant results. Laurence has managed at the highest level and built, dismantled and rebuilt some of the very best sales teams in Newspapers, Advertising, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals.

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