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By: Tom Riddle
The internet technology has brought a revolution in the field of technology. Now information can reach millions of users with no barriers who are sitting in different parts of the world. Today, the internet is the most advanced technology and millions of people are being benefited from it. However, the misuse of this technology can be disastrous and create serious problems for individuals and organizations. Frequent hacking of internet accounts has been seen many times which bring losses to companies. The chief reason for this is uncontrolled and unchecked internet privacy which users donít usually pay attention to. The disadvantage of unchecked internet privacy is that anybody can have access to the information and can be misused. The internet privacy system, which is installed on many network applications, allows you to manage the security of your information so that it could not fall into the wrong hands. Internet privacy consists of many security features which can help share our information only with those whom we are familiar with. Information on the internet is confidential and it should not be shared with anybody. Sometimes people share their bank account details to shop online and make payments without taking any measure and eventually they are deprived of their accounts. Financial companies who offer services of online payment and buying/selling of products use https servers and 1024 bit key so that nobody could hack the sites and know about the financial transactions which are being done on their websites.
Breach of internet privacy and protected websites is a punishable offense and is strongly dealt by the cyber crime wing of any country. The cyber crime wing does surveillance of internet traffic and points out any breach of privacy by unauthorized users. Furthermore, several users often transport sensitive data onto portable drives Ė increasing the possibility of data theft Ė given the chance your flash drive is found by a criminal. Therefore, itís imperative that users Secure USB drives with data security software engineered to safeguard data on external drives. To manage the flow of information on internet and non-sharing of private information with unauthorized users' internet privacy is essential to reduce the threats of internet security. Every individual has right to secure private information from being misused by internet hackers and unauthorized personnel. Therefore, people should watch out that their internet privacy mode is on before sharing their personal information on different websites. The details of bank accounts and credit cards are highly confidential and private data which can be misused by anybody.
Thus, every effort should be made to maintain the security and privacy of confidential data from being itís misused. Sharing of pictures and videos mostly on social networking websites has also proven very dangerous sometimes. With internet privacy it can be accessed by other users of that network who can pass it to others and misuse it. With internet privacy option the pictures and videos of users can only be restricted to a limited number of people who users have allowed the system to share their personal information. Hence, by using the internet privacy option wisely, we can save our personal information, bank account details and other private data from being misused by unauthorized personnel.
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