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By: Tom Riddle
Companies are following a new principle known as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Where this principle is facilitating the users as they can work on the devices they are familiar with, this principle is also increasing the possibility of data theft/leakage. But, how the companies can control the data breaches without taking away the facility of working on their preferred users from their employees. The insider threat is a huge one as it is proven from the studies. A Study suggested that almost 43 percent of the data breaches are somehow linked with own employees of the company. According to the Verizon 2013 data breach report 14 percent of the data is breached through the insider sources.
There can be some issues between the employers and their employees. Employers some hurt the ego of employees and they push themselves to take revenge. The workers of an organization find theft of confidential data as the easiest way to take revenge. So, the employees steal data and remove it from the system of the company. The basic reason of such data theft is not selling data further or using it for any fraud purpose, this act is only performed to irritate the employer and to make him suffer. The insider threat has been increased because the companies have established strong firewalls to prevent data leakage.
The hackers invest money to make some insider employees their trout. These sold employees steal the data and sell and it further to the hackers or the rivals of the company or whoever has paid him the sum of money. Banks are one of the organizations that contain confidential information. The majority of the banks believes in securing their data by restricting their users from using the internet and locking down the system. But, banks have not succeeded in making their data cent percent secure, data of banks are still leaking in bits and pieces. And due to the restriction imposed on the employees from using the internet, they are lacking work efficiency and new innovative ideas.
The companies are in a race of giving more and more output with less hard work, that is why, the companies are allowing their employees to work on their favorite devices. The organizations can protect their data from leakage by restricting the employees to use their preferred devices so that they cannot take the data without the companies’ consent. Employees do not need much of an expertise to carry the data with him/her. The employee just copies the data in their portable drive and carries it away. A company can make the data secure by using security software that can"> Copy Protect data.
Data leakage is being a rapidly increase problem for businesses and individuals throughout the world. And this problem can make the person suffer heavy loss like no other. That is why, it is necessary to take some strong steps to make the data secure and moreover, implement them. Research has revealed that, if 100 companies establish data security plans not even 50 of them implement them effectively. That is why, making security plans is only the first step towards security and probably the easiest one, and there is a long way to go to give your data reliable security.
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