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By: Tom Riddle
The computer users all around the world look towards the IT experts in all sorts of guidance regarding the computer technology. The IT professionals seem to know almost everything that is happening in the field of computer, the Dos and Doníts of this field. But, the truth is quite different from the perception that you people have. The IT professionals seem to put forward their ideas, lecture computer users, guide them regarding the computer technology, but, they really do not act as they preach to others. The truth was revealed by a study that was conducted sometime back in the current year.
The study was based on the sample size of Three Hundred Information Technology experts. As the majority of IT professionals discourage the use of USB flash drive and rate these small data storing device as one of the top threats to data. They have put forward hundreds of guidelines and warnings regarding the use of USB flash drives. These guidelines are about how to make USB flash drive secure or how to"> Protect USB . They also have spoken much about the threats that the alien USB flash drives impose to your data.
The IT experts that were the part of that study, more than 230 of them admitted that they have plugged a strange USB flash drive that they found somewhere lying. IT experts who forbid the computer users all around the world to plug in any unfamiliar portable data storing device into the computer do plug in their own computers without a single thought regarding data security. Moreover, after plugging in, they found out that the USB flash drives that they plugged in had some malicious program that infected their computer.
Knowing the fact, hackers spread such USB flash drives with infectious programs in order get the access to the database of the computer users. The old technique used by the hackers was to spread malware through emails. The emails that they used to send to hundreds of users were supposed to be equipped with a link which was asked to be clicked. On clicking such link, the hackers used to get a safe passage into the database. But, as the computer users got aware of this technique, they avoided clicking any such link. Than hackers amended their strategy and opt for the USB flash drives which intentionally drop at different public places.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security carried out a test to check how hard it is to access the database through USB flash drive. The department intentionally dropped a number of USB flash drives, half portable drives had a logo on them and the rest were without logo. The USB sticks were dropped in the parking lot of the company. Around 60 percent of the USB flash drives were picked up and plugged into the computer. The Even more horrifying situation was that almost 90 percent of the USB drives that had a logo on them were plugged in. The people who give lectures to the computer users round the globe are nor careful regarding data security themselves.
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