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By: Tom Riddle
There common concept is that the Apple users are quite loyal to the brand and no doubt I was one of them. I have used Apple’s devices for quite some time, but, still I tend to use other devices to check the difference between iDevices and other similar devices. I have used all the versions of iPhone and indeed I admired it until I used the latest Windows Phone 8. Actually, I wanted to use a Windows Phone to test it as I have tested the Android and Blackberry before, but, I could not gather enough courage to do so. Sometime back, I was travelling in a public bus and I have no idea where and how I dropped my beloved iPhone. I first made my mind to buy the new iPhone, but, I did not have the required sum for iPhone, so, I thought why should not I give a go at Windows Phone?

Then I went to the shop and bought a phone with Windows Phone 8 Operating System. After using my new Smartphone, honestly, I was proud of the decision I made. I literally fell in love with my Windows Phone and I could be that much happier if I kept using the iOS. Well, the reason of my happiness is the uniqueness and the funky user interface of the Windows Phone 8. I now find iOS boring and monotonic; on the other hand, Android also lacks some features that did not make me fall in love with it. So, what are the reasons that I started adoring the Windows Phone?

One of the core reasons to love Windows Phone is its amazingly refreshing and beautiful user interface. It can be completely customized as per your need and the likes and unlikes. As you know that Windows Phone has the tile style that make it different than other Operating Systems. You can set big tiles for the applications that are used constantly so that they easily are accessed. You can set the colors of those tiles as per your mood or your likeness. You can manage the position of your desktop tiles as you desire, this amazing characteristic is just offer by Microsoft’ OS.

The Windows Phone 8 is extremely fast and responsive. I took the iPhone 5 of my friend and compared my Windows Phone 8, I found quite a bit of difference in the response time in both the OS. Well, Microsoft has always produced best of the Operating Systems, and it is not surprising that Microsoft is doing that again, but, this time for the mobile phones. Now, the only point of concern is the lack of apps in the Windows app store which soon going to be solved as application like"> Folder Lock for Windows Phone is in the app store now. The app is engineered to secure the precious data that is saved in your Windows Phone keeping in mind the continuous threat of data breach. The application can secure all kinds of data that include pictures, videos, notes, contacts, documents and everything that you need to secure.
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