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By: Davidi Payne
In the last couple of years, the data breach issue is getting and worst from worse, none of the computer user is completely safe from the threat of data breach. There have been a number of data breach incidents last year. Even in the current year, there were more than two hundred cases of data breach that leaked more than ten thousand records. Seeing the increasing trend of data breach incidents, Gordon Rapkin put forward some common issues which cause data loss. Below are some of the common problems regarding data security issues along with their solution.
Unaware of the usage of data
One of the core reasons of such incidents of data leakages is that the owner of the data does not have complete knowledge about whom and where the data is being used. Keeping a keen eye on the movements of the data is a basic necessity to make the data secure. In the bigger organizations, the departments, especially the IT department remains unaware of the activities of data. Any employee can access any sort of data, whether he is authorized to use it or not.
Equal treatment with all data
The persons who are responsible for the data security of an organization seem to treat all data identically. It is not the way to go. You need to classify data as per its sensitivity. The relevant persons give same tight security to the data that is not much sensitive as to the data that is extremely sensitive. Data security needs funds, so investing the funds in the proper place is definitely more helpful. But, do not leave any sort of data unsecured. You have to find the balance between the two as per the sensitivity.
Get rid of unimportant data
As it is said earlier that no data should be left unsecured, this is due to the importance that every data has. As a small piece of data can also cause you bigger loss, it is advised that once the purpose of the data is accomplished, it should be disposed off. Disposing off of data is also a challenge, the orthodox method of removing data do not remove it completely as it can easily be extracted out again.
Planning security
You should plan the entire security plan yourself. Taking help of a third party or some sort of agency make open up some loopholes in your security regarding data. The people of this world are not trustworthy enough, you cannot trust anyone, and no matter how many contracts do you sign. That is why it is better if you hire some professional who know their work and take their help in making data secure.
As data is one of the most precious assets you can have. You need to make proper measures to make it secure. Using security software that can act as File Lock can help achieving your goal. Data breach can cause you heavy loss as some of the large scale company has suffered loss of millions of Dollars because of data loss.

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