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By: Tom Riddle
Insecurity is not just a mere feeling; it is a phenomenon, a way of life. Insecurity can dictate your life, your behavior and your approach to the world. It seems to be a small word, but, it actually can impact your life big time. There can be a number of insecurities and can cause because of a variety of reasons. The first anxiety you experience is when you meet new people. You may have felt the lack of confidence when you went to school for the first time; perhaps, you had a fear of being rejected by the world due to some reasons. Definitely, at them time, you did not share that feeling with anyone as you were so young that you must have just cried with a feeling of being an alien to all.
The other cause of insecurity can be of some disaster that just changed your life. The insecurity can be of losing some loved ones in the near future or expecting that something bad going to happen to you. There can be a feeling that nothing can go your way and you may start cursing yourself. It is a state where the person thinks he or she is the most unlucky person in the world and he or she has can never get anything that he or she desires.
Another common reason of feeling insecurity is your looks. It is the concern regarding your body shape, weight, height, voice, hair and others. A person, who is fat, may feel lack of confidence in interacting people and afraid to mingle with the people. If your height is short or if you are too tall, you may become the target of people sarcastic comments and they can make fun of you. In that phase, the person starts to remain aloof from people and feel secure when he or she is sitting alone.
A person can feel some of sort of insecurity if he has been overshadowed by his or her siblings, friends or some relatives. There are people in the world who are devoted and hard working in every field of life, yet, they do not get the reward which they really deserve. They curse themselves because of not achieving to be admirable by the parents, friends, relatives or colleagues.
A big failure in life can also lead you to live a life with insecurity. This insecurity can be because of a failure in academic grounds, losing a job or being unemployed and even because of the financial loss. Financial loss can make you insecure when you see your pals richer than you. One of the common roots of financial loss these days is data breach. Smartphone’s are contributing a lot in data loss, but, your windows phone will not leak data anymore if you use Folder Lock for Windows Phone. If you feel any such insecurity you should concern the experts as these anxieties can steer you to depression. Depression is not just a state of mind; it is a proper disease that needs a proper treatment.
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