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By: Davidi Payne
For most of the smartphone users, the iPhone seems to be the best pick among all the Operating Systems. The majority of the smartphone users try to get some guidance to choose between the Google’s Operating System Android and the Microsoft OS Windows Phone OS. Other than the iPhone, there is another well reputed Operating System is Blackberry, but, it is not one of the most desired ones. The reason behind the popularity of these two Operating Systems is that, these two OSes have a large variety of handsets that use these Operating Systems. Users ask experts to give them a comprehensive answer, so that, hey can select the best OS. But, the fact is that, both the OS are great and have some tiny flaws, so, no one can answer the question perfectly. There are some positives and negatives given below of the both mobile operating software that can guide you in picking up the right phone.
The Android Operating System is the most used OS in the world. It shares somewhere around 80 percent of the smartphone market around the globe. The major quality of Android is that its handsets are available in a wide range, from one of the best smartphones Samsung Galaxy, to the China manufactured phones that cost about $50 to $70, all use the Android OS. Other than that, the Google Play is full of quality apps; you can find almost any application you desire. Android has almost everything that is essential for being a successful Operating System.
It is not necessary that the wide range always give you a better experience. As Android has given the free hand to the manufacturers, so, they use the Operating System accordingly. There is quite a big difference between the Android OS that is used in the expansive handset and the one that is used in the cheap smartphone. There is not much uniformity, which is a big drawback. Moreover, Android devices are very much prone to mal attacks as compared to the other OS in the market including Windows Phone OS and iOS. Almost 80 percent of the attacks against Android succeed, it clearly illustrates that Android is not the best choice if you want to keep your data secure.
The best thing about the Windows Phone Operating System is the stability. In comparison of 80 percent successful mal attacks on Android, Windows Phone OS has this rate as low as 0.3 percent. Furthermore, this rate can even be pulled down by using Folder Lock for Windows Phone. Windows Phone has refreshing user interface that is extremely easy to use. As Microsoft is the one that is producing Nokia’s smartphones that use Windows OS, so, they produce a handset that gels well with the Operating System. Even the Windows phones manufactured by the companies such as HTC give you the same pleasure because Microsoft does not allow the handset manufacturers modify the OS much.
The drawback with the Windows phone is that, the users that are using Windows Phone 7 cannot be upgraded beyond Windows Phone 7.8, which means they are unable to use the apps that are engineered for the latest version i.e. Windows Phone 8. The other problem with the Microsoft OS is the common one that is the lack of availability of apps. The windows app store has the least number of apps as compared to the iTunes and Google Play. Smartphone is all about using different sorts of app whether they are fun apps or some task performing ones. Microsoft should look into these problems to make the OS even better.
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