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By: Tom Riddle
The battle of becoming superior in the field of smartphone technology is in full swing. As the cell phone users are turning their faces towards the smartphones and leaving behind the mobile phones that had ordinary features. The smartphone has a wide variety of phones where you have from the precious iPhone 5S to Samsung Galaxy S4 to the cheaper ones like Huawei Ascend G330. It seems like the manufacturers are working their heart out to produce the best hardware, but, even a bigger combat is in the progress to produce the best Operating System. The strong participants that are competing to produce the best Operating System are Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone OS). The deciding factors for the best OS can be user interface, security and stability and availability of it.
User Interface
In the latest version of iOS, Apple has given its interface a modern new appearance unlike its previous versions. Even though, Apple has changed its look, but, still they have worked on the principle that simplicity is the true beauty. Apple has also changed the look of lock screen to make the interface more attractive.
Android has not made much of changes in the user interface. Some small amendments such as changing the blue color of the notification bar to white, but, this change will not really boost the usage of Android.
Windows Phone OS
Windows Phone’s identity is the live tiles. The size and position of the tiles can be set as per the need and the user has the choice of setting up color of the tiles in 20 available colors. The UI of the Windows Phone is quite refreshing and liked by the users. In fact, the other OS producers are adopting some features of Windows Phone’s UI for their interface.
Security and Stability
iOS is considerably a stable and secure Operating System. The mal attacks against iOS have a success rate of only 0.7 percent which is an evidence of its stability and the reliable security it has.
The Google’s Android is not the safest of Operating Systems available. Your data saved in your Android phone is always on the stake of getting breached. Nearly 80 percent of the hacker’s attacks against this OS get successful.
Windows Phone OS
Windows Phone Operating System is without any shadow of doubt is the most stable and secure Operating System. The success rate of mal attacks against WP is as low as 0.3 percent and it can be even lower if the user uses Folder Lock for Windows Phone.
The latest version of iOS 7 is being used in all the iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. The previous versions of iOS were just used by the smartphone of the Apple i.e. iPhone.
Android is the most widely used Operating System throughout the world. It shares almost 80 percent of the market; the rest of 20 percent is shared by all other OSes. The reason of the popularity of Android is the number of devices that use the Google’s OS. From Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Huawei Ascend G330, it has a wide range of devices regarding price that uses Android.
Windows Phone
Windows Phone is the least used OS around the world. Not many manufacturers use Microsoft’s OS in their smartphones, the basic reason is that Microsoft does not allow many amendments in the OS as compared to the Android. Nokia is the one that signed a contract with Microsoft that it will use only WP OS, and now Microsoft has the ownership of Nokia.
All the OS producing companies are fighting hard to get the top spot, this battle seems to have no end as all the competitors are strong and try to produce a better OS than each other. All the Operating Systems have some strength and some lacking, none is perfect yet. The competition is healthy and the beneficiary of this battle is the smartphone technology as well as the consumers.
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