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By: Tom Riddle
The trend of data breach is increasing significantly. The proof such increment in the information leakage incidents is the rise of almost hundred percent in a year as compared to 2011. The interesting fact is that, in the year of 2012, there were 2,644 cases if record breach that leaked nearly 267 million records as compared to the 412 million records that breached in 2011. There was an increase in the incidents of data breach, but, a massive decrease in the number of records breach. As per a bit of number-crunching by the Open Security Foundation that works for data breach and data loss consultancy that the majority of the records breached came from Shanghai Roadway by, a Chinese unit Dun and Bradstreet. It was later revealed that 4 employees in this act, they used to sell a record for 23 cents and they sold about 150 million records. The sum they generated was really a huge one.
It was also found that there were hackers in the majority of the data breach incidents that took place last year. Once again the statistics that the world got were surprising; hackers were responsible for almost 1,802 information leakage incidents that were about 68 percent of the total cases that occurred. Still, the records that got compromised through these breaches were only 22 percent approximately. Experts have always rated insider threat as the biggest threat to data security after cyber criminals’ peril. The experts have proven once again right as 19 percent of all the data breach incidents have been occurred due to the insider employees. There may be intentional or unintentional information leakages, but, the astonishing factor is that, about 66 percent of the records were leaked by the own employees of the company.
The percentage of data leaked through insider source was as; 7.1 percent of the data was leaked through the mal insiders like Dun and Bradstreet, another 8.9 percent record got compromised incidentally that leaked nearly about 5 percent data. As data is basically theft to perform different types of fraud. The most common type of fraud is through entering a user ID and password, that is why it is the information that have stolen in more than almost 44 percent of data leakage incidents. Credit card numbers contributes 6.4 percent in the total numbers of records breach; the theft of credit card numbers often harms the user the most. It hurts the owner of the credit card big time.
The above given statistics are quite horrifying as it can make you a victim of online fraud as well as it can haunt you for ages. To avoid these scary incidences of records breach, you need to use software that act as a digital"> File Lock for your data. It has become obvious to keep tight security for your sensitive records in to avoid gigantic losses. Users should take precautions that data security experts advise them, such as; avoid using public wi-fi connections, do not share anywhere on the web and some other advices. Keeping your information secure is like keeping your wealth, goodwill and peace of mind protected.
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