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By: Tom Riddle
Hack attack is one of the worries for computer users that always haunt them. Hackers are such a genius species, but, they use their intelligence in the wrong manner. In order to prevent yourself from being a victim of such attack, below are some of the guidelines that can keep you safe.
Beware of clicking alien links
Usually, hackers trap their victim by pushing him or her towards clicking a link that is set by them and a single click on the link opens up many doors for hackers to reach the victim’s database. These kinds of links are often placed in the mal emails that hackers send to the computer users in bulk and ask them to click the link.
Set up strong passwords
The majority of the computer users do not really pay the much needed attention towards setting up a strong password. A strong password is the first line of defense for your database against hackers attack. A password should be a combination of about at least eight characters of upper and lower case letters along with the symbols and numbers. Change the password every now and then and avoid using dates, names or a combination of letters that are located nearby on the keyboard as a password.
Use anti malware programs
Anti malware programs are really handy in order to avoid hack attacks that are done through spreading different sorts of computer viruses. However, only keeping antivirus software will not help your cause, you need to update it on a regular basis so that it can protect your computer with the most advanced malware. Other than that, you need to use data security software that can act as a digital File Lock for your sensitive data.
Be careful while online shopping
Online shopping has always imposed some real threats to your financial data. Hackers design a different online shopping website that looks pretty authentic, but, when you give your required details such as name, email address, credit card number and phone number, it all gets saved in hackers’ database and then they try to bully you. Another precaution measure is that you should never use unsecured Wi-Fi connection to shop online. Stealing information from such hotspot connection is really a piece of cake for the hackers.
Avoid storing your card details on the web
The cloud technology is quite a useful one, but, it has some real drawbacks such as lack of security. Card number can lead you to a number of frauds that is why try to password protect it on your computer.
Keep your Smartphone and tablets secure
Smartphone and tablets are one of the devices that contribute big data leakages. As these smart phones and tablets have the capability to store huge amount of data and are very much prone to getting lost and stolen, when these gadgets are lost, all the information can easily be extracted out if they are not secured.
As wise people have said that precaution is better than regret, the above mentioned precaution can save you from a lifelong regret of sustaining a big loss. Data breach is such a curse that it won’t leave you after hurting for once; you will face its immense impact for ages, so be careful and be safe.
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