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By: Tom Riddle
Blackberry was the Operating System that used to rule the enterprise phone market like a king. But, the things have changed now and iOS and Android has become the new champions in the race of smartphone Operating systems. The trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has boosted the use of these Operating Systems and the culture of using Blackberry devices reduced. The use of the iPhone is reliable for the corporate use, but, it is near to impossible to make the Android devices secure as there are more than 500 Android devices available at the moment. Many people do not believe that Android devices are secure enough to be used for corporate use, but, the fact is that it can be secured by following these given guidelines.
Use the Latest Android Version
The security barriers in the Android Operating Systems are usually very unsatisfactory, but, if you are using an outdated version of the OS, the scenario can turn even worse. Google added the basic encryption facility for the first time in the version 3.0 of Android, before that version, any Android device used to leak data without showing any resistance. The earliest versions of the Operating Systems had absolutely no security measures protect data.
Be Careful while Downloading Apps
One of the biggest perks of using Android Operating systems is also its one of the biggest drawbacks, so be careful. Dissimilar from iOS or Windows Phone OS, you can download Android apps from many app stores other than the official app store of Google i.e. Google Play. It has made the unofficial Android app stores a platform for the programmers of malware programs. In the previous year of 2012, mobile malware increased by 163 percent and 95 percent of them was related to the Android Operating System. Android 4.2 was the first version that had some reasonable protection against viruses.
Use Security Applications
To keep a device secure, there is always an obvious need of keeping a security application and keep it up to date. As there are many fake or mal applications available for the Android Operating system, you have to opt for an app that is reliable and provide the ultimate data security such as Folder Lock for Android. As it can lock and hide your pictures and videos, voice memos, documents, personal notes confidential contacts and anything that is needed to be secured. The application is not just an ordinary program, but, it is a complete data security plan for your Android smartphone.
The biggest problem is that the smartphone users take the security of data saved in smartphones too light. Whereas, these small data breaches are so cruel that an incident of data leakage can lead towards the breach of records of the whole organization. A security expert explained that if a crook gets able to access the database of an employee, he can found a passage to his Google cloud applications and get hold of the weblogin that user uses to access all the Google services. So, these small mistakes can lead you to suffer some big losses, so stay secure and follow the guidelines given by the experts.
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