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By: Tom Riddle
There is nothing in the world that is perfect and has no vulnerabilities. The situation is not much different regarding the Smartphone’s Operating Systems. No matter you use iOS, Windows Phone OS, Blackberry or android, all the Operating Systems have some weaknesses. Android has much weaknesses related to data security that is why the percentage of successful mal attacks against the OS is nearly as high as up to 80 percent. To overcome the data security lacking of the Google’s OS, here are some simple guidelines that can make some big differences.
Do not leave your phone open for any unwanted access:
Try to keep your phone closer to you and do not leave it lying somewhere around unknown people. But, there can be mistakes like you forget to pick up your phone when leaving a party or such similar case. For such rainy days, you need to lock your phone with orthodox locking methods such as setting up a password either typing passwords or the pattern one, but, you just cannot keep your Android phone without any sort of security.
Install apps just from the official app store i.e. Google Play:
Android has more than 500 different sorts of devices that use Android as their basic Operating System; it is not easy for the Google to test every app that is to be released for Android. The Google’s OS is the perfect platform the mal programmers as they can upload infectious programs on different Android app stores that harm the users. So keep in mind that you only should get apps for your Android from Google Play, there are a number of app stores available online for the Android and it is a big threat. According the data security experts nearly 99 percent of the malicious programs are spread through bogus apps uploaded on a number of unauthorized app stores.
Avoid clicking unknown links in emails:
It is not a new trick of bullying innocent users; hackers have been practicing the technique of putting a mal link in an email and tempt the user to click it. Once you click that link, you open many doors for the hackers to your database. That is the reason that the data security experts always forbid the users to click on suspicious links contained in the strangers’ emails. The technique that the hackers have used for ages to trap the computer users, but, the method is much effective against the Android users.
Use data security app:
In order to make your data secured that is saved on your Android device, you ought password protect it with a reliable data security app such as Folder Lock for Android. You can lock and hide your private pictures, videos, audio files, documents, notes, contacts and everything you desire to make secure. You need to put up a strong password so that it is hard for the crooks to guess it.
If you follow the above given guidelines for data security, your data will surely become leak proof and you would not have to worry about your data’s security.
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