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By: Tom Riddle
Data breach threats are imposed to the every single computer user around the world. But, as the corporate sector always has the lion's share of money and time of the society, similarly cooperates data also impose the greater threat of getting breached. Companies like Symantec work their heart out to spread awareness to computer users around the world regarding data security. To fulfill the purpose, they issue an annual report on the statistics and trends of the data breach throughout the year. Along the trends and statistics, Symantec also guides people to make their data secure. Their advice really usually works and helps a lot in securing data. Here are some the many guidelines provided by Symantec.
Keep your data encrypted
The best way to keep your data secure is to encrypt it. But, you need to encrypt data with preferably some reliable data security software such as Folder Lock. The software would not demand much of an expertise of computer usage and can easily encrypt your data.
Use DLP plan effectively and efficiently
Implementation of DLP plan is essential for company’s data security. Before implementing DLP plan, it is necessary to plan it properly keeping in view the strengths and weaknesses of database’s security. Prepare the steps carefully of DLP like; file auditing, keep check on the flow of data that is coming into the database and going out of it, identify the weaknesses from where your data can leak and how to strengthen it.
Beware of the threats of portable drives
As the IT experts have always rated these small data storing devices such as USB flash drives a great threat to data security. Their small size and immense capability of storing data facilitates its users, on the other hand, it also imposes a threat to data as it is prone to getting lost or stolen. There is also another darker side of these small drives is that; it can be used by the employees to steal data. If it is possible for the business to ban the use of portable drives, the business should ban it. If the nature of business does not allow such a step, the business should mark the portable drives and force the employees to use only those small drives. The trend of BYOD (Bing Your Own Device) should be discouraged for the sake of data security.
Keep your antivirus programs updated
Keeping an antivirus program is not the solution to the huge problem that is faced by the companies and the individuals to protect data. People need to keep such an antimalware program in their computer to secure database that can be updated without much an effort and can protect your database against infectious attacks.
Keeping physical security measures for data security is also necessary, such as monitor employees from CCTV cameras. Business should not take risks regarding their data security. The reason for that is quite simple, according to Mobile Business Statistics For 2012 on an average a data breach incident do make a large company suffer loss of about $429,000 that occurred due to mobile computing accident. So take this piece of worry of data security seriously and keep your data safe.
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