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By: Paul Meldrum
The vast majority of guys who go to the gym are looking to gain muscle, plain and simple. To help our readers out we have decided to post ten of our best muscle building tips. If you follow these ten tips diligently, you will build muscle fast and efficiently.

1. Use low reps and heavy weight - low reps help our nervous system recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers. This leads to using heavier weights when we return to more traditional training. 10 sets of 3 is a personal recommendation as it gives you quite a large number of total reps as well as heavy weights.

2. Focus on the major compound lifts - squats, deadlifts, bench press, chins, push presses and dips have been shown time and time again to build big and strong bodies. Do them! A good goal to have is a 2 x bodyweight deadlift, 1.75x body weight back squat and bench 1.25 x bodyweight. Your chin up should equal your bench press.

3. Earn the right to isolate - Get strong at the basics before you start performing specialized body part training. If you can't perform 20 push ups, don't do dumbbell flyes! The same goes for arm training - build ourself up on chin ups before doing a biceps curl specialization

4. Consume starchy carbs after your workout - Carbs consumed after your workout help spike insulin and drive protein into your starving muscles. This is essential for growth and recovery. Good carbohydrate sources include sweet potato and rice.

5. Tempo matters - the speed at which you lift your weights matters. Varying your tempo will lead to the fastest strength and size gains. Alternate between slow and fast tempo with your training cycles.

6. Protein, protein, protein! - Aim to consume anywhere from 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. The best protein to eat is solid food, like steak chicken, lamb and other meats.

7. Take Branched Chain Amino Acids when training - BCAA's help reduce muscle catabolism and promote protein synthesis. Take no less than tengrams during a workout for noticeable benefits.

8. Optimize your digestion - you will only build muscle if you assimilate protein efficiently. Seeing a Functional Medicine practitioner is advised here.

9. Don't bulk up - getting fat while trying to gain size will lead to increased aromatization. This means you will convert your testosterone to estrogen. Not good for muscle mass!

10. Sleep as much as possible - sleep is where muscle is built. When you are trying to gain mass the more sleep the better.


Paul Meldrum has been training clients for over 10 years. He specialises in fat loss, muscle gain and rehabilitation. He was the winner of the 05/06 Personal Trainer of the year award. To receive his 3 part video series on the 8 Things you need to know to lose fat
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