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By: Tom Riddle
What Is Secret?
According to the dictionary: Secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.
A secret can be a thought, a plan, a past incident or simply anything. In layman’s term, secrets can be of two types, first is negative secret. Negative secret is a secret that you want to remain hidden because revealing it may bring disgrace to you or can stand you guilty. Positive secret can be a thing that you are afraid of losing it. I can be a business idea that can you do not want anyone to know and want to enjoy benefits just by yourself.
There are always confusions in the mind of people regarding secrets. A common question that every person asks to himself is that does my partner/friend/family need to know everything about me? Or I can keep some secrets just to myself. They think that keeping secrets from your partner is that you do not trust her/him completely and keeping and you are betraying your better half. Well, sharing of secrets is considered as a measuring scale of trust, the more you share secrets to someone the more you trust that person. The secrets are usually related to the past, some people has the past that they do not want to recall that is why they do not share anything with anybody. Some people do not share their past, but, their behavior towards some specific things to make obvious what was their past.
Women have the reputation of worst secret keepers. The female specie just does not know how to hide something, if the secret is related to her own life, she would just share it with her best friend, and the secret will just spend as a fire of forest. And definitely, if the secret relates to some other lady’s life, women just keep gossiping for days, weeks, months and even years with her mates. Ladies will just make a storm in a teacup, no matter how vague the secret is.
There is a famous saying about secret of Jean Racine:
“There are no secrets that time does not reveal”
He was definitely a wise man, but, when he made this statement, he did not know that technology will prosper so much in the future and software like Folder Lock will come into existence that never reveal anything that is secured in it. Revealing others’ secrets seem to be quite tempting; people do that without thinking what can be its outcome. For instance, you know a guy that had an intense affair with a girl, you see that guy happily married, ignoring that you just go to his wife and spill out everything you knew about his relationship. Such acts are not fun, it is just psychological disorder.
The rule is simple, once you keep a secret of somebody; he or she will keep your hundreds of secrets undisclosed. Keeping secret is not at all an easy task to perform, no matter if the secret of someone else or your own, if you are prone to leaking secrets out, you will leak them out whether your own hidden truths or someone else’s. People that are really trustworthy are usually very strong by their soul and much loved by the people around him or her.
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