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By: Tom Riddle
There are people in the world who call themselves fearless of anything and call themselves brave. But, the fact is that fear is not a bad emotion to have, it actually gives us protection from the threats surrounding us. Not every fear that a person feel is about some kind of threat, there can be some mental disorders that makes a person feel certain types of phobia. However, there are some fears that are found commonly in all human beings all around the world.
Fear of Death
Death is the ultimate fear of human kind or even in all the living organisms. As it is a known fact that there will be a day when we all will leave all that we have done behind in the world and move to our final resting place. As people do not see death an event that is to occur in the near future, but, have the fear of death always in the back of their minds, that is why some psychologist include in unknown fears. It is not necessary that you have only the fear of your own death; you are always worried about the lives of your loved ones and the people around you.
Fear of Failure
Failure is actually quite a wide term. There are hundreds of kinds of failures of which people afraid of. The phobia can be about failure in academic life, failure in relationships, failure in achieving dreams or it can be about failure in business. There can be a number of reasons of disappointment in each field, such as you may have to face the collapse of business because of over expenditure that make you suffer loss or can be because of losing confidential business files that you did not protest with software such as Folder Protect. Failure actually has uncountable faces and literally no one can escape that fear.
Fear of Rejection
The fear of rejection is usually found in the adult singles that do not find any partner. Actually the reason of this fear can be the lack of confidence or some past events. If a girl got rejected by a boy whom she admired, she might give the place to fear of being rejected in somewhere in her mind. This kind of fear can also arise in people who have some physical deficiency as our society is too rigid and cruel that it does not accept people who do not seem to be perfect.
Fear of Losing Freedom
Freedom is not a concrete thing, but, still people all around the globe are afraid of losing freedom more than fear of losing gems and jewels. As freedom is the basic need to spend a life, a person needs the freedom to follow his or her dreams, follow his or her culture, norms and religion. If freedom is taken away from a person, he or she may leave everything behind and will start to fight for freedom.
Fear is a part of the human psyche, there some phobias that are experienced by all the people of the world irrespective of their nationality, caste, religion and education.
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