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By: Tom Riddle
A general perception of people about hackers is that they live in the remote areas of the world all alone. They just have a computer with some extraordinary configuration and some snacks to have while hacking. But, this concept is quite is not much close to the reality. Well, you want to know how hackers live or how they look like. Here is a brief description of them. You stop at the red light of a signal and a black Mercedes stop right beside you, the person driving is wearing Ray ban glasses, a Rolex watch and having a beautiful girlfriend. You may think that he is a successful businessman, but, actually he can be a lethal hacker.
Cyber criminals can work individually or may have a whole gang. Such a gang of online crooks got active in Seattle about three years ago and they caused the small and mid size business of the city a damage of about $3 million. They compromised the data of about 53 companies located in different areas of the city. Two of the affected companies told the media that they witnessed some financial transaction that they never intended to perform. One of the company informed that all the data of our employees and customers was stolen from our network and their network security plan on which they were relying for data security could not save them from the damage.
That company had some kind of network security plan and became a victim of data breach. As per Symantec and National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) research, about 83 percent of small businesses have to formal network security plan; nearly 69 percent of small companies do not have even an informal network security plan. Interesting part is that more than 70 percent of the small scale firms based on daily basis internet operations. The basic thinking of small business entrepreneurs is that hackers only target big fishes and large scale firms face the threat of data breach. This misconception makes these small firms a low hanging fruit for the hackers that they can easily enjoy without much of a hard work and risk.
Hackers tend to target small businesses; this concept was proved by a research conducted by Symantec and National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in 2011. The research found out that small and mid-sized businesses suffered a loss of about $188,242 due to the hack attacks, which were almost two-thirds of the total loss suffered by the companies in result of hackers’ acts. In order to protect your data, use software that can Password Protect Folder so that even if a hacker makes his way to your database, he will not be able to steal your data. You should not only protect your information with proper data security plan, but, also take help from police or other relative authorities to help you and catch those cyber criminals. Data security is a growing concern and day by day these hackers are getting smarter and braver that is why you need to take proper steps to secure your data.
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