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By: Tom Riddle
Almost every company is threatened by the fear of data leakage when an employee leaves a company and moves on to another employer. Employees tend to carry data with them, some employees pass it on to the new employer to prove his loyalty, however, it's quite a lame way to prove loyalty. As the statistics suggest, more than 60 percent of the employees get fired or resigns a company to join a new one steal data of the previous employer. Out of these 60 percent, more than 65 percent of the employees that steal data hand it over to their new boss. If you are an entrepreneur, you should be ready to tackle such situation. Here are some tips to protect your data from unfaithful employees.
Know your employees well and keep them happy
The key factor to keep yourself secure from any sort of data leakage through employees is that you know which employee poses threat to your data security. You can make a fair estimate of an employee’s behavior, if he is satisfied with his job or boss, he will not be a big threat to your data security. However, a volatile employee or a worker that offers the list of customers or any other business secrets of the previous employee. You can expect the same treatment from that employee when he quits your company to join a new organization.
Set target
In order to maintain your data security, you need to first figure out which piece of information about your company is at risk of getting breached. Every piece of information is important for a company, but, there is data that needs to be secured the most, such as; list of customers, marketing strategies or financial information. When an employee leaves a company in fury or gets fired or he just wants to prove his loyalty to the new company in an unethical way, he may get his hands on the type of data mentioned above. Software that cans Password Protect Folder can help you in those scenarios.
Keep a keen eye on employees that are holding key positions
The employees that hold any key position can be the biggest threat to your company’s security. Key employees of every organization have the full knowledge of the companies’ most delicate secrets. That is why it is necessary to keep those employees happy and keep observing them. But, if you suspect those people, you may make those workers angry and this can harm your company.
When you fire a worker or an employee leaves the company in rage he may try to hurt your company. The best way that an employee can harm your company is by leaking your business secrets. That is why, when an employee is fired or quits your job, you need to make sure that he does not take away any sort of data that is related to your company. Take back your flash drives, cell phone or laptop if offered to him during the employment. If you are not sure of yourself, you can hire a forensic to check if he is carrying anything with him.
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