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By: David Payne
Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology and tech pundits have predicted that the current year of 2014 will be a boom for Cloud computing. It is expected that in the year of 2014, this industry is likely to hit $150 billion mark, which is a huge one. Cloud computing has facilitated users, whether they use the computer, Smartphone or tablets, they can access their data from anywhere in the world at any time with an internet connection. Cloud computing is extremely handy for businesses as it makes data visible to all the colleagues from their workplace as well as from any other place. But, the question about Cloud computing is that is it safe enough to keep your data?
The third party is giving your data safety
Most of the companies’ database is looked after by their Information Technology department, whereas, in case of Cloud computing, businesses usually take help of third parties to keep and look after their data. A bitter truth about the Cloud computing is that you outsource your data and leave all your confidentialities on the trust of a third person. However, companies that provide Cloud facility assure your data’s security, but, once can leave behind such assurances when it comes to their own interest. No one would care for your data as you yourself would do.
Threat from cyber criminals
Computer users are most afraid of the cyber criminals that are always in search of some valuable information and fraud innocent people. One of the major cons of keeping your data on the cloud is that your information is always at the risk of getting theft by hackers. It is advised to the people who want to keep their data on the Cloud is that they should use data security software that can act as Folder Locker. Keeping your data in a digital locker on the Cloud can help in securing your records. Set a strong password for those lockers as well as for your Cloud account.
Threat from insider employees
The insider threat is considered as quite a severe one. If an employee gets access to your data and compromise it as Edward Snowden did or as Vodafone leaked personal information of about 2 million customers, it can harm you big time. An employee in fury or in greed can give your Cloud’s detail to the rival company or can just reveal it to anyone who can harm the business of the company. You can imagine how threatening Cloud computing is by a statement of an IT pro who said that insider threat is 10 times more severe when the data is kept on the Cloud.
If you want to take advantage of the Cloud technology, you need to make sure that you are ready for it. Use a password that is easy to remember, but, hard to guess. Encrypt your data carefully and then upload it to the server. Everything that has advantages, it always has some disadvantages too, so try to make most of the advantages and avoid disadvantages by taking some precautionary measures.

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