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By: Gary T.P.
If we only had a time machine to zip forward and backwards to see what the next top selling iPhone app creation will be. The truth is they can all be successful if you learn the process that is required to produce them in the first place.

Starting making iPhone apps is a complete technical accomplishment thrill. There are different thrills to this experience. The best of which is when you start to make sales within the iPhone app store. Customers demand more from their apps and it is just not enough simply to get it accepted. You must do more to market it.. Getting straight to the point this article will be examining what is required before you start your iPhone app development concept.. Be careful not to make the common mistakes would-be iPhone app creators often make before they leap into the unknown. Having a plan with a begging, middle and end result is a requirement and it also helps keep you on track.. Anyone who wants to become an iPhone apps maker should read this article if they intend to succeed especially if you are completely to the iPhone app development experience..

If you didn't already know the iPhone 5s runs on iOS7 and it has completely been re-built from the ground up to help developers and end users experience a faster and friendlier experience. The encoding part of creating any previous iPhone app has always been a bit of a nightmare unless you were a total encoding geek. These days the encoding process takes hours rather than days with the new up to date interface that is available.. The begging process to learning something new is often overlooked as most of us wish to dive in to the meat of any subject. This is no different when learning to make iPhone apps. Steady yourself and learn the process. Fully understand what and why before progressing..

For many people learning how to create iPhone apps the transition to iOS7 is a huge leap forward in technology, a total relief to app iPhone users as well as developers and a complete breath of fresh air to everyone. For me (a man) the developing with older versions was as mentally painful as having your back waxed. Navigating around the menu and control centre may get a little annoying especially if you have been used to previous versions of the iPhone but the shortcuts are amazing and super-fast to operate. The swipe to go back or forward is featured within Safari (the search engine) and is so much smoother than the iPhone 4 it also feels faster, more responsive to obey a touch command.

The new iPhone phenomenon has improved so much that exceed any minor complaints people may come into contact with. Obviously they have never experienced development on previous iPhones.. The aim here is to give a customers and developers a development reference to help with the creation of iPhone applications.. The image management is superb together with the improvements with email removal and call blocking capabilities, making apps for the iPhone 5s is a whole new and easier experience. To get a better understanding of available applications that are issued with the new iPhone I recommend you have a nose around on the internet. This article only concentrates on a couple of these.. All I am trying to really express is, that whilst learning to become an iPhone apps creator your finished app concept should be quicker and definitely an easier development experience. The encoding within the design of an iPhone app has suddenly become so much easier. If you allow a developer to do this in an iOS7 environment he or she will probably be very grateful.. It takes less time and the complete encoding user interface is a pleasure to work with.

The Technical bit of making iPhone apps (Yuck) Primarily there are two elements to the development and programming process when becoming an iPhone app maker. Firstly you have the Xcode 5 experience and then the specific new frameworks within the iOS7 platform. Please read the explanations below to gain a further understanding of these requirements..

Xcode 5 - For those of you that want to learn the programming aspect Xcode 5 has been specifically designed for iOS7. Xcode 5 has changed enough, that it has actually encourages you to discover and play with the new friendlier components. Something I for one used to dread. The user interface is notably smaller and therefore gives you as a developer more space on the screen to work in. As with everything new you can see remnants of previous versions and if you are a bit of an old hat at this then you will have to figure out where all the usual options and menus are. Greetings and thankfully a completely new experience with the encoding of iPhone apps.. Before you start to get excited and rushing off to download Xcode 5 you will need the latest update for Xcode 5 and your Mac must have the most up to date version of Mac OS X.

For those of us who can't encode or aren't very good at it then you can alwayd pass this onto someone else. Be careful and consider your options before you choose an encoding expert.. Ask them why and visualise the endless scenes of binary code from the film the Matrix. It times gone by encoders used to grimace like a bulldog chewing a wasp as they watched in terror as their programming skills were put to the test.. However there is light at the end of the tunnel and Xcode 5 does have a new test navigator which does a great job of overviewing all the tests within a project.

There are two main features to consider on the iPhone app development plat form. These are Frameworks and Xcode 5. Here we will discuss both in brief to give you a greater understanding of what they do and why they are needed.. In a nutshell the framework environment is where your apps will or might interact with other apps that come installed on the iPhone 5s. Frameworks can also interact with hardware in the iPhone and they allow for powerful graphics and animation rendering. Look at the game controllers for an instant. This framework empowers a developer to add relevant controllers to iOS7.. This can be done by directly connecting the device or it can be achieved via Bluetooth. Remember Bluetooth has been around since Noah and with this type of feature having a peer-to-peer connection can allow the new sharing features in iOS7. It is worth noting that when developing game controllers you must have a function allowing customers to play a game without the use of a game controller.

Conclusion on iPhone app development. Hopefully you will find this article more of a non technical brief and easy to understand. The technical bits are easy to understand and will hopefully put your mind at ease.. Here you have seen first hand my all time best framework features to work with as well as what is expected with Xcode5. Remember for you to become a successful iPhone app developer, you do not need to be a programmer. You can outsource this part of the process. When learning how to create iPhone apps the most important aspect is your idea. Your idea may not be unique. You may even improve on someone ease's iPhone app concept.. Having built your idea into an iPhone app you still have the hurdle of getting it approved within the app store before distribution.

Coding for iPhone apps with Xcode 5 is so much more efficient now with the iOS7.. Making your iPhone app stand out amongst the competition is a complete tutorial in itself. There will be lots of marketing ploys you have to employ but if you believe in your app you can accomplish this with time and effort. There is a wealth of information at the end of this article that gives you the opportunity to start making iPhone apps should you wish to progress. I hope you have enjoyed reading this insight to making iPhone apps and the best of luck in your app development quest.


Learning how to create iPhone apps is not for everyone and unless you accept the instructional tutorials that are available you may find yourself struggling to see a way forward. If i have empasised the point on building foundations then I have achieved my aim with this article. Adopt the correct mindset and you too will soon be making iPhone apps. More helpful information can be found at
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