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By: Tom Riddle
Statistics from the U.S chamber of commerce reveal that 33 percent of business failures are directly related to employee workplace theft. Shockingly, it is likely that three out of four employees at your workplace might have stolen something – and it’s likely that 50 percent of them will continue to do so. Nonetheless, the following, easy to follow steps can help you effectively tackle the issue of thieving employees.
Conduct Employee Background Checks:
Before you go ahead and offer a potential employee the job, a wise idea would be to conduct a criminal background check on him or her. During the background check, look for a history of drug use, gambling, and if possible, a credit background check. Although, before conducting the background check, inform the new employee that you will be running a background check on him or her – most importantly, have him or her sign a written authorization before proceeding. This step can surely help in cutting down costs associated with putting in place anti-theft measures.
Protect your company’s data:
According the Federal bureau of investigation (FBI), company data theft is on the rise. The FBI recommends that companies should protect their data. Most organizations underestimate the true value of their intellectual property – in this case, it’s their data. Carefully choose which employees can access confidential data – while restricting those who you think shouldn’t be trusted. Additionally, it is suggested that companies make use of data encryption software which sort of acts like a virtual File Lock.
Keep an eye on your employees:
No, we are not saying that you stand behind each employee and monitor their activities; all you have to do is install cameras – in a manner that doesn’t violate their privacy – yet, ensures that your assets are never stolen. Additionally, it can give you more flexibility in moving around, as you could monitor your employees activities while away from the office using your laptop.
Prevent use of unauthorized websites:
Some organizations have a free, relaxed working environment – sort of like Google, while some companies require constant work – especially if the employee is paid by the hour. Often times, if given the chance, employees will leisurely surf the internet on company time by surfing websites such as facebook, twitter, or other related social media websites – this results in employee idle time – which means that your company will bleed out money.
Monitor employee attendance using biometric attendance system:
Time sheet fraud is more common than you think. It is likely that employees may give each other favors by punching in for each other. Time sheet fraud can end up costing you paying for time that has not yet been actually worked for. Therefore, spending a few hundred dollars on time attendance system can surely pay off in the short-run.
Stop employees from borrowing company property:
Employees often borrow company property for personal use – and most companies make the mistake of trusting employees who shouldn’t be trusted. Not surprisingly, company owned peripherals and other property often goes missing. According to one major study, nearly $47 million dollars worth of company property is stolen every year. Companies should have a clear and concise policy against borrowing and theft of company property.
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