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By: Tom Riddle
Social media websites like linked in, facebook and twitter have gained popularity as a marketing tool amongst corporations – also they are an excellent means to stay in touch with clientele – as it seems that nearly the entire world is on facebook and twitter.
Contrary to what you may think, social media is not all about pictures, sharing, liking, or commenting – it’s more than that – it can contain unseen threats for your enterprise. For example, bad reviews from customers can damage your company’s reputation. Though, this is only one of many threats that are on social media websites. Following are the top 5 social media related hazards you need to watch out for.
Mobile applications:
Like most companies, it is probable that your senior employees have some company related data stored on their smart phones – if this is the case – this could be an issue. Why so, you wonder? Well, naturally people love to download apps on their smart phones – we simply cannot resist the temptation to download that interesting game or that very popular productivity app on the play store. You may not know this, but many apps were found on the Google play store – just recently removed – of collecting user information. Thus, it is likely that your employees may be sharing your corporate data without their knowledge.
Whether it’s your friend telling you to visit this new website or a link you found interesting on twitter – you could be visiting a malicious website – and you may not even know about it. There are countless websites which are engineered to extract your information when you visit them. Thus, phishing really become a concern when an employee visits such websites from a work computer.
Social Engineering:
Social engineering is basically befriending an enemy without you ever knowing about it. For example, this “seemingly” very attractive girl adds you as a friend on facebook – like any man – you won’t hesitate to add her back. Now, imagine if that girl starts chatting with you within 5 minutes of you adding her. You must think she’s really interested in me – despite the fact that you are bald – and not to mention you weigh 200 pounds – yet still she’s crazy about you? Boy, you must feel like the luckiest man on earth – on the contrary – it would be more appropriate to classify yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum. That’s because, on the other end could possibly be a Nigerian man, trying scam you into revealing your personal information – perhaps even coaxing you into revealing confidential company related data. For example: the scammer on the other end may ask you about what are some of the secret projects your company is working on. Such information can be helpful and likely be sold to your competitor.
Your may trust your employees, but even your most loyal employee could have a lapse in judgment – eventually turning against you. How you wonder? For once, he or she can disclose all your confidential company related information on social media – revealing all company confidential data to your competitors which could result in certain losses of company assets. Workers can also steal company related data from company servers; this is the reason why so many organizations protect their corporate data with software that can Password Protect Drive or drives contain such information.
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