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By: Tom Riddle
Internet security is too complicated, but, yet all the individuals and companies have to manage it. No matter you are an individual, an entrepreneur or an owner of a multinational firm, your sensitive information is always at the risk of getting stolen. Where technology has a million of perks, it also has some real drawbacks such as it has provided criminals a safer platform to bully people and make deprive them from their precious assets. Here are some of the tips that can help you in securing your data.
Use of Firewall
A firewall is one of the most basic kinds of security barriers, which are used for securing data. It is a type of software that makes a wall kind of thing between the hardware and the network. It allows only a certain types of files to pass through it. For instance, a firewall may allow you to browse the internet and check your emails, but, it may not allow for you to share windows files that are sensitive to your data security. If you connect yourself with the digital life of the internet via a router, which means you have hardware firewall that does not allow random networks to reach your database.
Use of Data Security Software
Data security software is a must have in the current era of technology when your data is 24/7 at the risk of getting breached. The conventional techniques of locking and hiding are not effective anymore as the hackers of this are too clever and sophisticated to tear apart these kinds of securities. Using software that can Password Protect Folders and then setting strong passwords that are easy to remember, but, tough to guess. A complex combination of upper and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols can act as a strong password for your data.
Keep Your Portable Data Safe
As technology has made progress, it has made everything mobile. A couple of decades back, companies required huge stores to save their data as they were all in hard copy and used to occupy huge spaces. But, as the technology made to develop almost every data became digital and became extremely convenient to keep them. But, where the mobility of data facilitated the users to carry data around, it also has imposed some real threats to data security. Small data storing devices that are capable to store data in terabytes are prone to getting lost or stolen. Every year, thousands of USB flash drives get misplaced that result in a number of records compromised.
Keep yourself up to date
Computer users are meant to keep themselves up to date from the latest kind of malware and the techniques used by cyber criminals to cause them loss. The doís and dontís of the computer world often change, so you should be aware of the latest trends that can save you from a number of troubles. Hackers keep themselves aware of the latest security measures that computer users use to secure their data and they evolve their lethal weapons of hacking accordingly. So, it is necessary for you as well to have the latest happenings around.
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