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By: David Payne
The top data security measures should be opted by the small businesses without any second thought. But, the most sophisticated of the data security measures are usually unaffordable by the small firms as the most reliable data security software or apps are custom made. However, small businesses can go for the reliable Data Encryption Software that can provide your data the perfect security. Other than that, here are some of the steps that you can take in order to make your data safe and secure.
Manage Employees’ Password and secure them
Employees are too lenient in setting strong passwords and keeping them protected. They really do not believe that a hacker or some other kind of data thief. The companies should have a proper record of all the passwords of the employees. Employees ought to give passwords to the management, so that if an employee gets fired or resigns from the job, the management can themselves change the passwords to make sure the ex-employee does not extract out confidential information. As the research suggests that ex-employees are one of the biggest rated threats to the security of your data, you should be assure that previous employees do not harm you.
Protect your Business Network completely
Your business network is a pathway to your database. Hackers often try to target companies’ network and tend to find some useful information that can help them. The networks can spit out confidential emails, voice chats, sent files and folders and other such sensitive information. There are third party security companies from whom you can take help as they are professionals and know how to make your business networks secure. If you follow their instructions, your sensitive information would likely not to be leaked.
The Threat of getting Portable Drives Lost or Stolen
As technology progresses, it brings tons of facilities, but, along with those facilities, there are a number of threats it brings with it. One of the blessings of the latest technology is the portability of data. Some years back, when you were able to carry your limited data with you in CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives have completely changed the complexion of data portability. A small data storing device that can be as small as the size of your nail of a human thumb can store data in terabytes. These pen drives are very much prone to getting lost or stolen. So, avoid keeping sensitive records in those jump drives without any data security measures.
Risk of Malware from USB Flash Drives
USB drives are widely used by the crooks to infect computers. They equip USB flash drives with some malicious programs and intentionally drop them in parks or in the parking if they want a particular company’s computer to be infected. The infection gives cyber criminals a safe passage to their database. Companies need to maintain a record of all the USB drives that are used for their business purpose. The principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) should not be encouraged as employees may plug in jump drives that are infected. Businesses should have some marked flash drives and only those marked drives should be plugged in the companies’ computer.
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