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By: Tom Riddle
As the use of internet has gone common, the ratio of cyber crimes has also risen to an alarming level. It was supposed that China is the country that is contributing the most in the hack attempts taking place in the tech world. But, China has lost its reputation of being the most threatening country to the data security of computer users all around the world. The country that has overtaken China’s position is not located much far from China, it is their smaller neighbor Indonesia that has become the recent fear of the tech savvy people around the globe.
In the last quarter period of 2013, almost thirty eight percent (38%) of the cyber attacks was originated from Indonesia; the percentage of such originated attacks from the country was twenty one percent (21%). Whereas, China has accounted for about thirty three percent (33%) of the online attacks, which was thirty four percent (34%) in the start of that year. Both the neighbors Indonesia and China are responsible for more than half of the total cyber crimes that take place in the computer world. The country that lies in the third place for digital crimes is none other than the United States of America. Nearly six percent (7%) of the hack attempts are initiated from the land of the USA, the percentage has been reduced by about 1.3 percent in the last year, which is a good progress.
Indonesia was guilty of less than one percent of the cyber crimes a couple of years back and hackers took advantage of such low percentage. Indonesia has increased its internet speed nearly by 125 percent, but, it has very weak infrastructure and security measures that it made the place heaven for online criminals. Earlier in 2013, almost 12 government websites were hacked by a group Anonymous Indonesia with a tagline “No Army Can Stop an Idea”, this give you a fair of how vulnerable the situation is. Indonesia is trying to make a concrete program that can take on the threat of hackers and save their reputation as a nation.
No matter the hacker is from China, Indonesia or any other country, you should be careful regarding your information security. They use the most sophisticated tools and techniques to perform their mal activities; you have to use a tool like Folder Lock that can really protect your data from such huge threats. Folder Lock not only gives your data the much needed protection that is saved in your computer, but, it’s applications can secure your data saved in Android, iPhone or even Windows Phone. It is reliable, affordable and easy to use.
Other than the top 3 countries (Indonesia, China and USA) of the world that contribute the most in cyber crime, there are some other countries that are considered as heaven by hackers. These countries include Taiwan with 2.5%, Turkey is not much left behind Taiwan that steal 2.4% of the data. The fastest growing IT industry, i.e. India has the 6th position in this mal activity with 2.0%, other countries include Brazil, Russia, Romania and Korea that impose the largest threat to your online security. Your data protection is your responsibility, if you do not secure it and lose it, you responsible for the outcome, not the hackers.
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