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By: Tom Riddle
As the amount of sharing information of people has increased, it has made your confidential data easily reachable to online criminals. You must wonder what a hacker would do if he gets knowledge about your name, social security number, date of birth or any similar information? Well, here is the answer, he can access to your bank accounts, issue credit cards and passport, get employment or any other fraudulent act. That is how lethal these small pieces of information can be. In the US alone, nearly one in 20 persons is affected by an incident of data breach. There are some mistakes that computer users commit that lead them to lose their identity and other important records.
Computer users unknowingly give the information that can harm them later on different social sites in search of funs. The game, quizzes and surveys they play, they do not think about the consequences they can suffer by providing them their information. At the majority of the time, the users are almost unaware about the fact that they are leaking their own records as they do not dive in the ocean of terms and conditions they put forward, users just tick mark “I agree” and move on. Social media is the reason for many of the fraud cases. Experts advise users to be extremely careful while they are in social media and do not provide any sort of personal details to anyone other than immediate friends.
You always see some news here and there about huge companies leaking records of thousands of people. Citi Bank, Sony and other companies, such an incident got into notice when Target compromised thousands of records of their customers. According to experts, you can request the company to whom you are handing over your information to properly secure it or put some extra security measures for your records. As mentioned above, small pieces of information such as name, contact number, date of birth email address can harm you a lot. Apart from requesting the company to secure your data, you should also encrypt your data using reliable software such as Folder Lock. It can help your data to be protected even if a hacker finds his way to your computing device.
There are simple guidelines that can protect you from heavy losses from a data breach, you do not need to work hard for it, spend a handsome sum of money or technical and complex knowledge. You just need to be careful and well aware of things that can lead your data to be publicized. You cannot take the security of your data for granted. There is no doubt that the digital information you have is one of the most precious things that you need to protect properly. Apart from personal records, any data that are related to your professional life or academic must be secured. You cannot lose your employer’s trust as it can risk your employment. Similarly, if you are a student, the assignment that you complete by sacrificing your sleep and work your heart out for them, you would feel worse if any other student gets marks for it. So, take precautions and precautions are better than regretting.
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