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By: Tom Riddle
It is mandatory to know the problem completely in order to plan a proper solution for it. Today, the technology has given us a number of blessings, but, simultaneously, there are some real drawbacks of the technology. One of the basic disadvantages of technology is risk of losing data. Data security has been a growing concern for all the computer users all around the globe for almost a decade. Yet, no one is able to control this problem. Here are some of the ways that can you keeping yourself protected from this huge threat.
Poor Networking Can Cause Data Breach
There are different well known companies in the world that offer companies secure networking services. Their budget may vary from company to company and the kind of network they provide. Businesses should invest on this dimension of the business as it can save them from a number of terrifying losses. Secure network usually keeps companies’ data secure.
Improper Deletion of Files Can Compromise Data Security
The majority of the computer users are not aware of the fact that deleted files can easily be extracted out. You need to shred your files properly using some software that can help your cause of keeping your data protected.
The threat of getting Data Copied
Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, your data have been always at risk of getting copied. As a student, you must be worried about that your assignments of thesis work do not get copied by any other student. As a business person, you have a fear that what if someone copies your business plan, marketing strategies, financial records or client information. You are justified for having this fear, but, there is an easy solution for your problem, just use Copy Protect and do not worry about this issue of getting your data copied.
Lack of Knowledge Regarding Email Threats
Usually, the computer users think that email is a secure way of communication and any information kept in their email account is inaccessible. However, the email account is very easy to be hacked and they get hacked often. Try to keep as less information in your email account as possible and try to use encrypted emails for the purpose of sharing confidential documents.
Underestimating the Significance of Strong Passwords
A strong password is the first line of defense of your information. However, computer users do not pay much of an attention towards setting up a strong password. The statistics revealed last year regarding password were astonishing. The most commonly used passwords used last year was “123456” and the second most used password was “12345”. However, experts advised to set up a complex combination capital and small letters with numbers and symbols. A password should be easy to remember, but, tough to guess.
Your data is your precious asset; you can never be assured that you will not get hit by any hacker or data thief who will steal your data. No matter what kind of information you have saved digitally can cause you losses if it gets leaked. So keep your data secure and avoid being a victim of such a hazardous problem.
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