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By: David Payne
One of the things that almost every student does in his/her student life is a group project. The experience of these group projects can be fun or much annoying as you have to interact with different kinds of people. Whether the experience is fun or an annoying one, but, it is surely the one to remember. The experience of interacting with the people of different background and ethnicity help you work as a team man in your professional life. There are certain types of people in almost every group and you have to cope up with them with tolerance and positive approach. Here are some of the types that you yourself have found in a number of groups you have worked in.
The Invisible Guy
Every class has a student that is not known to anyone in the class. The teacher of your class just adds him in your group and you ask your teacher a multiple of times that is that person really in your class? The teacher assures you every time you that question, however, the teacher also have not seen him anywhere except the attendance sheet. When that student is approached by the group, that person gives an ambiguous reply that neither confirm that he will attend the group meeting nor deny that. In the end, a dedicated group member has to step up and do the extra bit of work that was supposed to be done by the invisible guy.
The Silent Guy
The silent guy is usually seen up every time the group sits together to discuss something. Although he has some knowledge about the topic that is being discussed, but, he never contributes anything to the discussion. The reason of such silence is not shyness, but, the group member is far too lazy to contribute. To make that person speak you need to be interactive while the discussion, ask questions one by one by each group member so that he could not get away without answering.
The Guy that Only Promises
There is a guy in every group that assures the group that he will do something magical as he has some personal relation with a person that is professional regarding their project. He promises everything with a good intention and actually wants to fulfill his promise, but, he never does so. If he has promised to add miraculous graphics in the slides of the presentation as his uncle’s friend’s nephew’s uncle is a professional graphic designer, he will not show up the work till the presentation day. His pet sentence is usually “The work is going fantastic, just trust me”. And when he shows up on the presentation day, you will see a long face and tons of apologies that he could not make it. He will show you the under par work he did of graphics with clip arts and fancy fonts by using some software. He will try to convince you that the work he has done is also looking pretty good and they should not get disappointed.
The Savior
Every group in the student life has a student that always rescues the group out of danger by multitasking. He will fix everything wrong in the project; do others’ work and tries to take all the group members towards the success. The member is hyper energetic and always motivates all the group members to work hard and do well. He is the planner, the organizer, the worker, the performer and everything of the group.
There is another kind of group member that is found in just a few numbers of groups, that a member acts as an agent and gathers information from other groups. He looks for the complex information and not shies of stealing the information from other groups of the class. Project works are really tough to perform, so you need to keep everything about your project secure. Avoid it to be spread by the word of mouth and also keep it safe with the help of Encryption Software. This will help you get a respectable grade in your group project.
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