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By: Tom Riddle
When you leave your computer to the people for the computer experts for the purpose of repairing, the repairers get their way through your database and they have their hands on your personal data. They laugh at your silly pictures and videos and laugh. But, they laugh even harder on your weak passwords you set to protect them. Keeping such easy passwords to keep your personal pictures and videos secure is like you are keeping the assets safe behind a thin paper wall. Now, get ready to digest as there are some mind jolting facts are your way.

Passwords on Toddler
Toddlers create a huge impact on their parents’ passwords. They are observed to keep their passwords on the name, date of birth or the birthplace of their newborns. You probably feel difficulty in soaking the fact that more than 4.8 million people set their password as “princess” or “dragon” that definitely point towards the toddlers. The concern of thought is that, is there enough baby suits being printed on which this princess or dragon word? I doubt it.
Being a Sports fan
You are a sports fan and you want to keep your password something related to your favorite sports. There are hundreds of players that have a number of records. Mashing up those records with the player’s name along with the team and the name of sports, there can be something complex that will be easy to remember, but, extremely hard to guess. But, people prefer to be uncreative and live with simplicity as about 5.7 million of the people tend to set up a password as simple as “baseball or “football”. This is probably an example of security of keeping all your earnings in a vault whose door remains open.
Let Me In
How can as a huge number as 3 million of people can set a command as their password? Yes, about 3 million computer users all around the globe set a password that command them to let them in by setting a password “letmein”. Now that is something you call secure password, but, this password is complex and secure enough for an infant, not for a grown up data thief. Setting up such a password and thinking that their data is safe and they are the clever chaps is like living a fool’s paradise.
Feeling as a Password
How overwhelmed the computers must felt when their users say them “iloveyou” every time it asks for password? No, computers do not feel it overwhelming at all, however, the data thieves feel obliged seeing your simple passwords. Surprisingly, 4.5 million of the people get sentimental every time they want to access somewhere through computer; it is one of the most common and easiest passwords that computer users set.
Straight Passwords
The fact is not hidden that the most used passwords all around the globe are simply “123456”, “abc123” or “qwerty”. More than 20 million computer users use these kinds of passwords that shows how indifferent are people from the importance of passwords. The password is the first line of defense for your data. If you set up a strong and complex password to Lock Folders, it will be very difficult for data thieves to access to your database and steal information. Use lower and uppercase letters along with numbers and symbols. Do not use a combination of letters that are located close to each other on the keyboard. That is what experts advise about setting up a password.
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