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By: David Payne
Social Media is not fading way by the time, but, it is getting more essential in everyday life day by day. The world of social media is changing at a rapid pace, here are some facts regarding social media that might surprise you.
Almost 190 million users use Facebook from mobiles only
The statistics might have surprised you as you never have thought that such a huge number of users access Facebook from their mobile phones. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the ad revenue that Facebook earns is also with the courtesy of users that has increased quite a bit in the span of just one year. So, consider how your content will appear on the mobile devices next time you upload something.
The Growth of LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the social network that is expanding by leaps and bounds. To an estimate, almost a person joins the network on every 2 seconds. Well, calculating the number of people joining LinkedIn in a day is a complex calculation. It is a great place where you can make some contacts with professionals in your field and it can help you in having a successful professional run. Although, the active users’ percentage on the network is low as compared to the other giants like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, but, it is still very effective for professionals.
People between ages 55 to 64 are heading towards Twitter the most
Now, you have always thought that the social media is popular among the youth and aged people are not much fond of it. Well, get ready to get blown away with this amazing fact. The percentage of joining Twitter that is aged 55 to 64 has been increased by 79 percent. Facebook and Google+ are also not left much behind; people that are heading most towards these social networks are aged between 45 years to 54 years.
Social Media has taken the position of the No. 1 activity on the web
Social media has overtaken as the most performed activity on the web. Before social media, the position was held by R-rated websites for a long period of time. Now, when you will be spending your time on a social media, you will think that the majority of the people on the web are using social media. Well, this achievement of social media is appreciable and has a relatively positive effect on the people.
Almost 25% of the Facebook users do not set Privacy Setting
It is astonishing that almost 25 percent of all the users are least concerned about their privacy setting. Social media is a big source of identity theft as thugs extract out the pictures, videos and other things out of the social networking sites of people that are eventually used in stealing identities.
There is always some news regarding data theft through the social networking websites. You have to use data security software that can Lock Files, so that if a hacker finds his way to your database through malicious links, your information is secured with reliable software. Social websites are a great source of information and fun, but, it can be lethal if it is misused by the users.

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