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By: Tom Riddle
The year of 2013 was the most nightmarish year in the history of computing. The lack of password protected folders allowed a huge number of data breach incidents. The statistics of 2013 regarding information security are really scary. It seemed like data thefts had complete freedom and were allowed to steal any amount of data from any source they wish. A huge number of data breach incidents took place in the previous year that compromised millions of records. Here are some of the concrete statistics.

Healthcare Sector
The healthcare sector has smashed all the previous records and has topped the ranking of industries that leaked the data. It is the first time since 2005 that the business sector has been less affected by data breach incidents as healthcare sector had the worst year with respect to data security. As you see the statistics of the healthcare sector regarding data breach, you might get astonished.
• Healthcare sector was responsible for about 43.8 percent of the total data breach incidents in the last year.
• There has been an increase of about 3 to 4 percent of data breach incidents related to the healthcare sector as compared to the preceding year.
• The healthcare sector is also responsible for the most expansive data breaches i.e. $233.
Well, the fact did not really bothered the IT experts that healthcare sector reported the most number of information leakages. The reason for that is obvious as healthcare sector is bound to report all the data breach incidents suffered by the industry.
Hackers topped the charts again
When an ordinary computer user thinks about information leakage, the first thought that pops up in mind is usually hacker. Well, the thought, rightly so pops into the minds of ordinary computer users as these statistics suggest:
• Hackers are to be blamed for nearly 25 percent of the records compromised.
• Hackers have stolen nearly 50,000 records containing names, email address and other similar information from Living Social.
• Other than that, the breaches done by hackers cost $160 per record.
Hackers are evil, but, the fault is of the users. They have to keep their data completely secured. Otherwise, they will have to pay a big price as many of the users played in 2013 because of neglecting the importance password protection. Its users’ basic responsibility to make sure that their information is protected.
Other Statistics
The business sector is widely affected by the incidents of information breach as 37 percent of all the incidents were contributed by it. The United States of America contributed about 50 percent of all data breach incidents that are way higher than the second on the list UK with 8 percent and India with 3 percent. Whereas, Australia has the most numbers of records compromised that is 34,000. USA stands on the second number with 29,000 records leaked.

The previous year of 2013 has been a complete disaster with respect to data security. The problem is certainly on the rise and seems to get worse as the time passes by. It is necessary for the user to take good care of their information and Password Protect Folder that will keep their data and their identity protected.
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