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By: Tom Riddle
The security of iPhone is wholly a different idea from the orthodox security of computers, laptops or laptops. As the threats to iPhone security is quite different from the risks related to laptops or computers, so, the Apple’s smartphone cannot be protected using the same techniques used for the protecting your computing devices. The antivirus software and similar security measures will not help your cause of securing your iPhone faces different sort of threats. The biggest risk associated with Apple’s iPhone is of physical theft. The glittering attractive Apple’s phones seduce thieves to steal it, but, the problem is that if your iPhone gets stolen, your information also gets on the verge of being compromised. So, in order to maintain your data’s security, you have to prevent physical theft. Taking these measures, your data will not get compromised even if you lose iPhone.
Keep Passcode Enabled
First of all, for the sake of keeping your data secured, you have to opt for the basic security measures. One of those measures is to set the built in passcode feature in your iPhone enabled all the time. This is can be the first barrier that can protect your information from an unprofessional thief. Even if you lose your iPhone, you can enable passcode through Find My Phone feature.
Go for the Touch ID
The passcode feature of is not strong enough regarding data security as compared to the latest iPhone’s technology of touch ID. The latest version of iPhone i.e. iPhone 5S has dumped the menu button and replaced it by touch ID and it is extremely useful for your information security. A four digit code is quite vulnerable as it can easily be guessed by data thieves and can be extracted out via different software. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to fool touch ID security as it requires the user’s finger prints to unlock the phone.
Use Security App
Apple’s Operating System is currently the most stable one as 99.3 percent of the hack attempts against it get failed. But, if you are one of that 0.7 percent of unlucky people and a hacker gets his way into your database, there should be a security application that can provide your records the much needed security. Even if your iPhone gets stolen, apps like Folder Lock for iPhone will keep your information safe and secure. But, keeping such an application on your iPhone is necessary, or your information might get leaked.
Encrypted Backups
Many people tend to maintain the backup of their data, but, they usually do not try to keep them secure. If you have synced your data on a cloud server or on a laptop or a computer, but, it is not properly secured, there is a bright possibility that someone can access it through your computer. It is necessary for all the users that if they maintain backups, they have to encrypt it, otherwise it would be a treat for hackers to steal it.
As the world of technology has blessed us in ways that we never though it will. Similarly, all the blessings of technology can turn into curse in a blink of an eye if not handled properly. As you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the tech world and the way it is serving us, be aware of its side effects and the perils connected to it.
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