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By: Tom Riddle
Cyber criminals have now turned their faces towards cell phones as they know that there are very few password protected folders. The majority of the mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets are just waiting to be attacked by hackers. They really do not have any sort security barriers in the way towards their database. The mobile devices have been targeted by millions of malicious apps that can compromise your sensitive information. These devices are exposed to a number of threats and the users are responsible for that.
Lack of Password Usage
It has been observed that very few users seem to use password protection. Although, the majority of the mobile devices has the capability of password protecting files and folders, but, users use these facilities quite seldom. Now, users can set PIN or pattern or some orthodox passwords, but, still they avoid doing so. Moreover, even if the users use passwords, whether PIN, patterns or the ordinary password, they look to set up such generic passwords that are extremely easy to guess. Such as PINs like 1234, 0000 or passwords like 123456, 12345 and similar.
Unsecured WiFi
Unsecured WiFi connections are also a big source of leaking information. The emails sent using such unprotected hotspot; it is usually unprotected and can be compromised during transition. Any program that is sending your emails without encryption that easily be extracted out while they are the move towards the recipient.
Infectious Applications
One of the biggest problems for computer users around the world is that there are many programs that can infect your computing device. People cannot actually trust the third party mobile applications and computer software. The reason for is that there can be malicious programs disguised in shape of games, utility apps or software and similar. Therefore, you have to be sure that the app or software you use is authentic and is safe to use. These kinds of infectious programs can compromise your delicate information.
Outdated Operating Systems
The use of outdated versions of can be injurious regarding your data’s security. The companies produce newer versions of operating systems not just for the sake of earning, but, also they resolve the issues that respective operating systems have. These loopholes in the operating systems can be with respect to the security. Some of the Android’s versions have been vulnerable regarding information security, so, using such OS is like inviting trouble to harm you.
Outdated Security Programs
A big problem that security experts have observed in computer users is that even if they keep some security program in their mobile devices of computers, they do not update it. Keeping outdated software is almost useless as it has not been equipped to fight against the latest threats that evolve every day. Hackers sharpen their tools daily and work to develop more and more sophisticated malicious software. So, in order to Password Protect Folder, you need to keep your security programs up to date, whether they are of computer of mobile devices.
The above are some of the reasons due to which computer users suffer data security issues. Opting for password protected folders, avoiding unsecured WiFi connections to sign in personal accounts, ignoring unknown third party apps and updating your OS as well as security programs can keep your information easily secured.
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