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By: Tom Riddle
The best way to make your data portable is by using secure USB drive. That is why it has been most used portable data storing device all over the globe by a big margin. However, carrying your information in a flash drive that has no security measures can impose huge risks on it. Billions of USB drives must have been sold last year, but, how many of them had built in the security barriers. I wonder how low would be their percentage. USB pen drives are injurious to your data’s security in a number of ways, some of them are known and some of them are unknown. Here are some of the biggest risks that are imposed by flash drives on your records.
Improper Deletion
When it comes to the deletion files in USB flash drive, it is not deletion actually. It can be explained as, instead of removing the files, they are hidden by a thin sheet of paper that can be easily taken off to access those deleted files. In the name of deleting files, all it does is to hide the path that leads towards that deleted data. The removed files and folders are still available at the same location and they can easily be accessed by losing recovery or repairing tools.
Leaving Behind the Flash Drive Puts Your Data in Danger
Data can be tempered or extracted out of an unsecured USB jump drive within seconds. Once your records have been tempered or stolen, you will not be sure whether your information was accessed by someone or not. That is why, you need to keep in mind that you keep your flash drive secured and always with you. If your jump drive gets misplaced for a small period, you need to get worried for the security of your information. The threat of losing your USB drive or getting it lost is always a danger that you need to be aware of.
The USB Security
The biggest problem with the computer users is that they do not pay the required attention towards the security of your data. As the small data storing devices have an amazing capability of storing information and is very much prone to getting lost or stolen due to its small size, you need to make sure that you operate a Secure USB drive. Otherwise, all your confidential information will be leaked and you have to face some serious consequences.
Tool to Spread Malware
It has been found out that more than 50 percent of the people plug in unknown USB flash drives that they found dropped somewhere. Knowing the fact, the cyber criminals have started to exploit this weakness. Hackers stuff the jump drives and drop them deliberately at places like car parking, restaurants, bus stands or similar public venues. Once the portable drive is plugged into a computer, it gives a safe passage to the hackers because of the fed malware in the device.

These are some of the potential risks that are imposed to your portable data storing devices. You need to make sure that all the USB drives you use are properly secured. The flash drives are literally a blessing; however, it can turn into a curse if not handled properly. Keep your data security intact and stay safe.
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