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By: Tom Riddle
The incident of data theft by Edward Snowden is bothering National Security Agency and making them restless. The young man stolen unknown extremely secret documents from the database of NSA and all he was equipped with just a small USB flash drive. This is how useful and lethal that small data storing device is. The National Security Agency has some rules and policies regarding the use jump drives, but, still it got hit by a data theft incident. There are a huge number of businesses that have no policies with respect to using USB drives and data management. You can imagine how vulnerable their data security will be. There are individuals that completely neglect the threat of data breach and take no security measures whatsoever. Well, be smart and use some easy guidelines that can help keep your information secure.

Keep Your Information Protected from the Insider Threat
The employees of a company play a vital role in data breach incidents. The insider threat is one of the biggest threats imposed to your data’s security. If you are still wondering that how can the insider threat can be so huge, so just recall the incident of Edward Snowden and you will get your answer. He was also an employee there and he easily walked away with the secret information. Similarly, employees of other businesses steal data and many of the occasions the employer remains unaware of the fact. Principles like BYOD are making the insider threat even more lethal.
Just have a data management plan and make of policy of allowing only the authorized portable drives to be plugged-in in the business’ computers. Keep a keen eye on the flow of data; it can definitely ease the risk of insider theft.
Beware of the Threat of Virus
For the past many years and still, online criminals used to send emails that had infectious links or files attached to it. The emails were made attractive enough that people are tempted to the click the link or open the attachments. Hackers still practice this tactic, but, many people are aware of it and they avoid clicking or opening such alien files. But, now, the e-crooks have found another of bullying people. They drop pen drives intentionally at public places like restaurants, bus stands, or parking lots. Those USB drives are stuffed with a malicious program that will attack your computer and will give those hackers a safe passage to your database. The majority of the people plug in those unknown flash drives.
The remedy is simple, never plug in any unauthorized USB drive in your computer as it is extremely risky.
Protect Your Flash Drive Physically as well as Digitally
As USB flash drives are prone to getting lost and stolen due to its extremely small size. You need to be very careful while handling the small drives, there is a high percentage of people that leave their portable drives in public places by mistake and suffer heavily.
You need to be careful whenever you carry your flash drive with you. Other than that, make sure that you use software that can Password Protect USB drive, so that, even if you lose portable drive, your data security will not be compromised.

The security of your records is your hand, it depends on you, whether you chose to secure it or you leave it on the courtesy of data thieves.
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