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By: Tom Riddle
The Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly lies among the best Smartphone of the world. The smart handset that is stuffed with useful features facilitating its users for a number of years. As the time passed, the iPhone became better and improved. But, the time has also exposed some of the loopholes present in the stylish Smartphone. Crooks have worked hard to exploit the unknown deficiencies available in the iOS and tried to take advantage of it. Hence, here are some of the loopholes that have been discovered in the iPhone that can compromise your information security. You need to make sure that you take some measures to avoid any data breach incident through your dear iPhone.

Enable Pass code with Difficult Password
Setting up the pass code is the first step towards your security, so do not avoid it. But, just enabling the feature will not help your cause. You have to set up a strong password for it. As per the research of Daniel Amitay, 1234, 1111, 2580, 0000 and similar ordinary passwords are the most common ones among the users. You need to make sure that the password you set up is tough to guess and easy to remember and is not linked with your personality directly as it can be easy to figure out.
Disable the Preview of SMS on the Locked Screen
The iPhone is equipped with a handy default feature of previewing the SMS on the locked screen. It is feasible for users as he/she can see the text message without unlocking the screen. But, it can compromise your information security. There are many websites and other sensitive organizations that send you security code or verification code via SMS. So, if your iPhone is placed somewhere and such verification code appears on the screen in your absence, anyone can note that code down and can access your sensitive records afterwards. Keeping the threat in the view, you should disable the preview option.
Use of Security App
Although, Apple’s iPhone has quite a secured Operating System, but, still, there is a small margin of error. That tiny margin of error can hurt you big time if it is successfully exploited by a crook. To serve your purpose, you have to use some sort of data security application such as Folder Lock for iPhone that can secure every type of data you have saved in your beloved iPhone. Apple’s iOS is extremely stable and using such security application can make your data security foolproof.
Disable Auto filling Feature
There can be a possibility that you have to handover your iPhone to someone on some emergency, can leave your iPhone in someone's custody by mistake or can be picked up by somebody in your absence. In that case, if he/she opens your browser and access to some sign up or any other form, your iPhone remembers the information you enter and it auto fills the form. In that case, all your sensitive information can be compromised, such as credit card numbers, back account numbers and similar information that can harm you if get leaked. That is why it is necessary to disable autofill feature.
These are some of the features that are offered by the iPhone to facilitate its users, but, these features can also be abused by crooks. So, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of different features and use them accordingly.
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