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By: Tom Riddle
The information security usually based on what kind of data you have to secure. The usability of the data and the mode transition also has to be taken into consideration while planning the security measures for information. If you talk to some security experts, some of them might advise you to set up firewalls; some will suggest you to opt for antivirus software or some other sophisticated programs. This all depends on the kind of data you have. However, there are some common measures that all entrepreneurs can go for and they are quite effective as well.

Setting up Strong Passwords
The basic principle of maintaining security is to set up strong passwords. The majority of people tend to ignore the importance of setting complex passwords. More than 50 percent of the computer users set passwords like ‘12345” or “qwerty” or similar simple passwords. Keeping your date of birth or important dates as passwords is like inviting trouble. A complex password is the one that has 8 to 12 characters containing lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. It is advised that not to use letters that are located close to each other on the keyboard. The password is the Frontline defense.
Use Antivirus Software
Using antivirus software is absolutely necessary to keep your data security intact. It blocks the malware programs that actually give online criminals a passage to steal your information. But, just keeping the anti-malware will not help your cause. You have to keep updating it regularly so that it can fight the latest infectious programs that can infect your computer. If you do not update it on a regular basis, it will not be able to tackle the new threats hackers would win the battle.
Use Security Software
If somehow hackers succeed to get access to your computer, would there be any hurdle to stop them? There cannot be any hurdle unless you put one. Use security software such as Folder Lock. The Software encrypts your data and maintain an automatic backup that does not allow to lose your information. The security of software is so tight that it gets impossible for the data thieves to break through it and get access to your information.
Be Very Careful Regarding Emails
Usually people tend to overlook the threat that is enclosed in the email messages. The attached links or files are clicked or downloaded by users without giving a thought that it might risk their security. Similarly, be very careful while sending emails. Confirm the email address on which you are sending an e-message. There are thousands of cases reported where people sent sensitive information to strangers because of entering wrong email addresses. Try to send encrypted emails, so that they cannot be extracted out while they are on the way to the recipient or if sent to a wrong email address, he/she cannot open it.

Keeping your information secure is your basic responsibility. You just cannot blame the thieves if they steal your information that was not secured by you. Knowing the sensitivity of your information and opting for the security accordingly will help securing your data better.
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