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By: Tom Riddle
Love is a beautiful thing, and it can motivate people to do some amazing things in life. Not everyone falls in love, nor would most people ever experience what love is like. Love can be a one way street, or a two-way street. In the case when love becomes a two way street, it can lead to marriage or a common law relationship. In the movies and in stories, marriage is often idealized to be a beautiful thing – something magical, sort of speaks – and it usually is for the first couple of years. Couples go on honeymoons, and spend overtly more time romancing than anything else. After a few years, marriage can become burdensome – and one begins to wonder: what the hell they were thinking when they decided to get married. Marriage is all about give and take, but this intricate balance of give and take is not always balanced – in fact it’s rarely balanced at all.
In reality, when a man decides to get married, his decision is usually a logical one at that point in time. Then, after a few years, or even after a few months, something changes, you notice your wife begins to nag more often, she comes up with new ways to start an argument, and then, after some time, you begin to question your own judgment – as to why you got married with her in the first place. If you are married, then you know exactly how that feels and if you are about to get married, you should expect the worst and hope for the best. The point is that marriage may be the biggest challenge a man faces in his lifetime. Although, there is always an option of divorce – it’s not always feasible to get divorced – given in a situation where children might be involved. Thus, men often resort to engaging in extramarital affairs and or try to avoid interaction with the significant other.
Out of all the annoying habits wives display, perhaps the most exasperating activity – one may hate in their wife – is her innate curiosity to snoop on husband’s private data. Data such as bank statements, photos, videos and credit card details, documents and other personal information are highly sought after by wives – and it’s only natural that wives seek to obtain such information – after all the paranoia that their husband may be cheating on can have a major impact in their cognitive processes.
Consequently, it is up to the husband to make sure that his wife never discovers his deep-dark-secrets. Thus, men begin to use a variety of techniques, trying to hide their personal data. Such as trying to change the file extension, changing the file name or simply hiding the actual file using windows file hiding features. However, women are not stupid, and just like the ingenuity of men, they too can quickly figure out what their husbands have been hiding. Consequently, the only way a man can truly hide his data, is by using data security software which can as a virtually Lock Folder or folders from your wife.
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